Infusion pumps administer fluids, medication, or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system on a continuous, intermittent, or on-demand basis. Some medication can be life-sustaining–requiring that the system be highly reliable and support no single point of failure. If the tubing is obstructed, the system must detect and alert either audibly or through a wired or wireless network. If there is an ac power outage, a battery backup system must be enabled. In addition to ensuring reliability and delivering high performance, the system must be highly programmable to support various flow and ramp up-and-down profiles.

Programmable Medical Infusion Pumps Offer High Reliability and Performance

One way to detect an occlusion is by monitoring the current through the motor with a shunt resistor. ADI's 16 V, 4 MHz, single-supply amplifier, the AD8666, features low noise performance over the extended operating range. High input impedance, wide bandwidth, low input voltage, and low current noise support the lack of "popcorn" noise found in many other low input bias current amplifiers. The AD8666 is available in 8-lead SOIC and MSOP.

The ADuM240x family of 5 kV quad-channel isolators brings the integration, performance, and reliability advantages of iCoupler technology to medical systems requiring elevated isolation ratings and greater assurance. Compliant with UL, CSA, VDE, and IEC 60601-1 medical standards, the ADuM240x family, available with a variety of channel configurations, offers high speed communication in a small 16-lead SOIC footprint. iCoupler is a low cost, low power, and easy to use digital isolation technology, and is an ideal solution for multichannel applications requiring reliable high voltage insulation.

The ADuC7026 integrates the key analog building blocks required by a high end infusion pump. It includes a high performance, high speed, multichannel, 12-bit, 1 MSPS ADC and four DACs. The microcontroller also integrates a 32-bit ARM7TDMI core, and features 40 GPIOs. Running at 41.8 MHz, it provides a very powerful computational platform for digital signal processing, allowing CPU performance for additional functions such as an LCD graphics display. It is available in an 80-lead LQFP. The AD5259 digital potentiometer offers a real-time alarm circuit with programmable threshold levels. It is available in a 10-lead MSOP or LFCSP.

The AD7142 is an integrated capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) touch sensor that enables novel user interfaces which are completely sealed from dust or dirt. With on-chip environmental calibration, it can interface to external capacitance sensors implementing functions such as capacitive buttons, scroll bars, joypads, or as a combination of sensor types. The AD7142 is available in a 32-lead LFCSP. The AD7143 is an 8 input channel device, available in a 16-lead LFCSP.

Programmable Medical Infusion Pumps Offer High Reliability and Performance

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