Drs. Colin Lyden and Zoran Zvonar named ADI Fellows for their innovation and leadership.

Norwood, MA (05/16/2007) - Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, has named two of the company’s most accomplished engineers, Drs. Colin Lyden and Zoran Zvonar, to the distinguished position of ADI Fellow. Lyden and Zvonar were recognized during ADI’s recent 2007 General Technical Conference, an internal event which attracted approximately 1,900 ADI engineers from the company’s design sites worldwide.

The Fellows honor is awarded when an engineer has contributed significantly to ADI’s business and demonstrated important qualities such as innovation, leadership, entrepreneurial ability, and consulting skills. In addition, an ADI Fellow must be a company ambassador, bridging across organizations and demonstrating an unparalleled ability to teach and mentor others within the company. With the latest inductions, Analog Devices has a total of 33 Fellows out of 3,500 ADI engineers worldwide.

“Engineering excellence and innovation continue to set ADI apart,” said Sam Fuller, vice president of Research and Development for ADI. “We are fortunate that exceptional engineers like Colin and Zoran, who are recognized both inside and outside the company for their expertise, have chosen to make their careers at Analog Devices. Their work has challenged the conventional wisdom within ADI, extended our ambition for new product performance and has inspired the next generation of engineers to sustain ADI’s record of innovation.”

Lyden received his PhD from University College Cork, Ireland, in 1984. He joined ADI in 1999 as an engineering director with leadership responsibility for the Limerick CAD group and the Cork Design Centre. His ideas and work have blurred the distinctions between sigma delta, successive approximation and pipelined converter architectures, and have resulted in performance improvements in a range of ADI products, including the AD7982 and the AD7767 SAR analog-to-digital converters.

Lyden, who holds 15 U.S. patents, was the lead architect for a new CT medical imaging analog front end that achieved breakthroughs in both cost and performance and has been designed into next generation high slice CT machines.

Zvonar earned his PhD from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1993 and joined ADI in 1994 as one of the company’s first system engineers specializing in communications algorithms. An expert in wireless system design for various communications applications, Zvonar also serves as an editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine, has extensively published in leading technical journals and is co-author of several books focusing on GSM and third-generation wireless communications systems.

Zvonar developed and validated a breakthrough system approach for wireless handsets which resulted in two patents and enabled direct conversion, the process of converting analog RF signals directly to digital base band data, to be applied successfully to the GSM wireless communications standard. He was a member of the core technology design team for ADI’s SoftFone® and Othello® wireless product families.

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