ADI’s energy metering portfolio expanded with pin-compatible and pin-similar device upgrades.

Norwood, MA (04/04/2006) - About the ADE7752A, ADE7752B and ADE7762
ADI is introducing three polyphase energy metering ICs that provide optimum performance in commercial and industrial applications where low power consumption and billing accuracy are critical factors. These ICs provide watt-hour information using pulse outputs that can directly drive stepper motor displays found in revenue meters or sub meters, 3-phase motors or generators, industrial control, and utility automation. The pulse outputs can also be used as inputs to a MCU for LCD display meters.

The ADE7752A and ADE7752B are pin-compatible to the ADE7752, but consume 30 percent less power at 40 mW. The ADE7762 features four additional pins that provide additional power quality functionality, allowing the meter to display per-phase reverse power and dropout, and phase-sequence error. These new features enable electrical utilities to collect more information about grid conditions, taking action to correct wiring problems, reduce outages, and improve customer service in a cost-effective manner.

To facilitate migration to new designs, the ADE7752A and ADE7752B are pin-compatible with the ADE7752. The ADE7762 is pin-similar, with the four additional pins located on the top of the package, therefore allowing one PCB design to support ADE7762 and ADE7752/A/B based designs.

Like other products in the ADE family, the ADE7752A, ADE7752B and ADE7762 provide high-accuracy active energy measurements with less than 0.1 percent gain error over a current dynamic range of 500:1. Each device requires a single 5-volt supply, consumes as little as 40 mW, and is designed to operate over a temperature range of –40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. These polyphase devices are optimized for a wide range of 3-phase grid configurations and can be set to accumulate based on the sum of the absolute value in each phase.

Pricing and Availability
The ADE7752A, ADE7752B, and ADE7762 are available in 24-lead and 28-lead SOIC packages, and are priced in 1,000-piece quantities at $4.02 per unit for the ADE7752A and ADE7752B, and $4.52 for the ADE7762. A reference design based on the ADE7752 is documented in Application Note AN-641 and is applicable for all the products. The ADE7752A is fully released. The ADE7752B and ADE7762 will be sampling in June 2006, with release scheduled for August 2006.

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