ADI’s AD8192 and AD8195 input buffers expand the industry’s largest portfolio of HDMI connectivity solutions, while providing front-panel access on the latest plasma and LCD HDTVs.

Norwood, MA (04/16/2008) - Expanding its advantiv™ advanced television solutions portfolio, Analog Devices, Inc. today introduced its latest connectivity products, the AD8192 and AD8195 front-panel HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface™) input buffers. Supporting the HDMI v1.3 interface standard, the new buffers allow designers to add up to two HDMI inputs to the front-panels of their latest flat-screen HDTV models. Front panel access enables end users to easily connect a wide range of game consoles, camcorders and other high-definition (HD) electronics. With their controlled input impedance, the AD8192 and AD8195 front-panel HDMI input buffers help reduce manufacturing costs and time-to-market of new flat-panel TV designs. Additionally, both devices provide support for DisplayPort™ and DVI™ (Digital Visual Interface™) technologies, providing PC access to large screen LCD or plasma HDTVs.

The new front-panel HDMI input buffers incorporate ADI’s advanced equalizer technology and enable designers to meet HDMI Compliance Test Specification requirements for input capacitance. The new devices support cable lengths up to 20 meters, with full 1080p and 36-bit Deep Color (2.25 Gbps). The longer cable length enables consumers to locate their HD accessories farther from the TV without compromising video quality. The AD8192 can switch between two front-panel inputs; the AD8195 buffers a single input. As core components of ADI’s Advantiv portfolio, the AD8192 and AD8195 ICs further expand the industry’s broadest line of HDMI multiplexers, switches, receivers and transmitters.

Early HDTV platforms only included HDMI ports on the back of the TV, limiting the number of HD components that users could connect at one time, and making the ports difficult to access, particularly in applications where the flat-panel LCD or plasma HDTV was hung from a wall. The AD8195 and AD8192 front-panel buffers solve these connectivity problems by providing HDMI- and DVI-compliant access for up to two HD devices on the front or side of the TV. The additional HDMI- and DVI- front-panel connectivity enables the rear-panel inputs to be used for stationary boxes that can remain connected to the HDTV, such as cable/satellite converters or Blu-ray™ DVD players. The AD8192 and AD8195 front-panel HDMI input buffers provide controlled input impedances and isolate the HDMI connector from capacitance associated with other interconnects that run between the front-panel buffers to the main processor board, enabling designers to add HDMI and DVI inputs to products independent of the location of the main processor. This added functionality reduces the noise, helping to eliminate the need for more expensive, noise-reducing HDTV cables.

More about the AD8192 and AD8195 Front-Panel HDMI Input Buffers
The AD8192 and AD8195 are fully buffered to ensure interoperability with all HDMI audio, video and device inputs, including TMDS (transition minimized differential signaling), DDC (display data channel) and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). The new buffers have four TMDS channels that support data rates of 250 Mbps to 2.25 Gbps and pixel clocks of 25-MHz to 225-MHz per channel. Each of the new devices offers 12 dB of equalization, which can be manually configured by the designer to provide two different levels of high frequency boost. An auxiliary buffer isolates and buffers the DDC bus and CEC input, and their level shifting capabilities make them suitable in DisplayPort applications. Both buffers are specified to operate over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Pricing and Availability
The AD8192 is available in production quantities now. The AD8195 is sampling now, and will be available in production quantities in July 2008. The AD8192 is available in a 56-pin 8-mm × 8-mm Pb-free LFCSP (lead-frame chip-scale package), and the AD8195 is available in a 6-mm × 6-mm 40-lead LFCSP. In 10,000-unit quantities, the AD8192 is priced at $1.95 and the AD8195 is priced at $1.75. For more information, visit or

Analog Devices in Advanced TV
Because the signal processing performance requirements for high-definition (HD) video, audio and interconnect functions are significantly higher than for standard-definition TVs, ADI offers the Advantiv advanced television portfolio, providing cost-effective analog, digital, and mixed-signal solutions to the most difficult multiformat advanced television (ATV) design challenges. Supported by ADI’s system-level expertise, these customer-driven solutions enable the latest in HD home entertainment systems. Analog Devices offers a broad range of industry-certified solutions for ATV applications, with products that enable rewarding experiences for consumers enjoying the latest HDTVs, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVRs), audio/video receivers (AVRs), camcorders and cable and satellite set-top boxes. For more information, visit

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