- ADI wins first-place awards in Analog IC, Power-Controller, and Sensor categories for industry-leading medical ultrasound, digital power control and MEMS technologies.

Norwood, MA (04/15/2009) - Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, was recognized by the editorial staff of the electronic industry’s EDN magazine when it captured three first-place honors at the 19th Annual EDN Innovation Awards ceremony held March 30 in San Jose, Calif. ADI was cited for its unique, state-of-the-art electronic products and outstanding achievements in engineering related to medical ultrasound imaging, digital power control, and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) motion sensing technology.

"Medical, power-control, and sensing technologies represent increasingly important application areas in the semiconductor and electronics industries,” said Rick Nelson, EDN editor-in-chief. “EDN readers and editors recognized the significance of these technologies in choosing as winners ADI’s AD9272 octal ultrasound receiver in the 'Analog ICs’ category, the ADXL001 industrial vibration sensor in the 'Passive Components and Sensors' category, and the ADP1043 digital power controller in the 'Power-Controller ICs' category. I congratulate all of the winners on the great work they did in 2008.”

Finalists for the EDN Innovation Awards were selected from hundreds of candidates by EDN’s technical editors, EDN readers, and the EDN Editorial Advisory Board. EDN’s editorial staff then cast votes for the finalists to determine the 2008 EDN Innovation Award winners. A complete list of all the winners will appear in the April 23, 2009, issue of EDN.

Winner - Analog ICs: AD9272 Octal Ultrasound Receiver
ADI’s AD9272 offering integrates a complete octal ultrasound receiver on a single chip and features the industry’s lowest terminated noise for high- and mid-end cart-based ultrasound equipment that requires superior image quality. The AD9272 replaces previous discrete solutions with a single integrated circuit that combines eight channels, each comprising an LNA (low-noise amplifier), a VGA (variable-gain amplifier), an AAF (anti-aliasing filter) and a 12-bit ADC (analog-to-digital converter).

According to EDN, what distinguishes the AD9272 is the fact that it also includes a low-noise amplifier for each channel that offers input noise of 0.85nV/rtHz and an input noise current of 1pA/rtHz.

“What is remarkable about the AD9272 is that Analog Devices has reduced the noise of the channel while keeping power at manageable levels,” EDN remarked on its website in announcing the Innovation Award winners. “Perhaps the most remarkable achievement is attaining this low-noise performance while integrated into a part that has digital sections injecting substrate currents at 80 MSPS.”

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Winner - Power-Controller ICs: ADP1043 Digital Power Controller
The ADP1043 is a digital PWM (pulse-width modulation) power control and management device that provides power design engineers with a highly integrated architecture and an easy-to-use GUI that accelerates the design process. Developed specifically for power design engineers designing ac-to-dc and isolated dc-to-dc power supplies, the ADP1043 introduces significant control and monitoring benefits to provide a competitive advantage in server, storage, and communications infrastructure applications.

AC/DC power supply devices using the ADP1043 can reduce component count by 10 to 15 percent thanks to the integration of several discrete components onto a single 5 x 5mm LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package), including technology for isolated power conversion, conventional housekeeping and monitoring.

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Winner - Passive Components and Sensors: ADXL001 Industrial Vibration Sensor
The ADXL001 is a high-bandwidth iMEMS® vibration sensor that enables better monitoring of equipment performance and reduced downtime due to unforeseen system failures on the factory floor. Based on Analog Devices’ iMEMS Motion Signal Processing™ technology, the industrial vibration and shock sensor allows designers of industrial process control instruments to cost-effectively incorporate high-performance, dependable high-bandwidth vibration monitoring into their applications via an easy-to-use sensor solution.

Many vibration sensors operate below 5 kHz of bandwidth, a frequency range that would be emitted only after extensive equipment failure. The ADXL001, however, is capable of very early detection of motor-bearing vibration and irregularities up to 22 kHz, allowing system operators to identify failing equipment long before costly damage is sustained. The new iMEMS vibration sensor is available in a 5-mm × 5-mm ceramic package that is small enough to be easily designed into the motor control circuitry or mounted on existing factory equipment at the point-of- measurement interest.

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