- SHARC performance enables advanced audio features including acoustic equalization and unnecessary reflected sound cancellation for optimal listening experience.

Norwood, MA (01/14/2009) - Fujitsu Ten’s premium audio amplifiers based on the Analog Devices floating point SHARC® DSP architecture enable a revolutionary automotive sound experience. This innovative technology researched and implemented by Fujitsu Ten called Acoustical Space Control Technology, not only greatly reduces vibration to the automobile chassis, but in addition compensates simultaneously for the acoustic reflective effects of the cabin glass and sonic absorption from upholstery. Furthermore, Acoustical Space Control Technology enhances and compensates for the acoustic limitations of loudspeakers such as frequency response and physical placement challenges in the cabin, resulting in a spatially enhanced audio experience.

Fujitsu Ten leveraged many years of Automotive Environmental and Acoustical research, culminating to the development of Acoustical Space Control Technology. Central to this innovative technology is the Analog Devices floating point ADSP-21364 SHARC processor. Two of these high performance processors are used to realize Fujitsu Ten’s most advanced Automotive Acoustic Technology.

"The Analog Devices SHARC family is the ‘gold standard’ for premium audio processing,” said Jerry McGuire, vice president General Purpose DSPs, "We are very gratified to have Fujitsu Ten, an industry innovator, adopt our SHARC architectures to realize state-of–the–art Automotive Acoustical processing in their leading edge products."

“The Automobile cabin is an extremely challenging acoustical environment, and our Acoustical Space Control Technology drives new levels of audio quality, with the Analog Devices SHARC processor acting as a key enabler of this breakthrough technology”, said Shigeki Kato, Department General Manager, Acoustic R&D Department, Audio Business Division, CI Group, Fujitsu Ten.

SHARC, Leading Floating Point Performance
The Analog Devices SHARC Floating Point DSP family excels in a broad range of industrial, scientific, medical and audio applications due to its architectural innovation and leadership performance. Based on a broad portfolio including high on-chip memory capacity, industry leading I/O throughput and packaging options for all system needs, the SHARC architecture is regarded in the audio community as the definitive premier platform for signal processing audio equipment from professional recording studios to concert halls, home systems and automobiles.

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