ADI's new iSensor® IMUs deliver highly calibrated linear/angular sensors, with industry's best environmental ruggedness and simplicity of implementation, for medical and industrial inertial measurement applications.

Norwood, MA (11/09/2010) - Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) is helping industrial and medical equipment manufacturers more easily implement motion capture and control features by adding two highly integrated precision MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) inertial sensors to its iSensor® motion sensor product portfolio. The new ADIS16334 and ADIS16375 IMUs (inertial measurement units) achieve the accuracy and ease-of-use required to quickly embed navigation, tracking, guidance, instrument control, platform stabilization and other six-degree-of-freedom sensing functions in equipment ranging from industrial process controls to precision medical instrumentation. The ADIS16334 is 40 percent smaller than previous-generation IMUs and is optimized for high-density, space-limited applications, while the ADIS16375 is ADI’s highest performance IMU with 0.003 °/sec gyro stability.

"For many equipment designers, high-performance motion sensing was difficult to realize due to the relatively low level of integration and performance of commercial-grade inertial sensors," said Bob Scannell, iSensor business development manager, MEMS/Sensors Group, Analog Devices. "With today's expansion of our iSensor IMU portfolio, ADI is helping designers more easily improve performance by providing the most compact high-performance IMUs available, while continuing to offer unmatched environmental ruggedness and simplicity of implementation, helping bring entirely new inertial applications such as surgical tool guidance to market in record time."

Unlike most other industrial IMUs, these devices require no additional integration, test, or calibration. Only power and an industry standard SPI interface are needed to easily deliver accurate data out-of-the-box, even in the most challenging environments.

ADIS16375 and ADIS16334 High-performance Features and Benefits:

ADI's iSensor IMU portfolio has been widely adopted by OEM designers in the industrial and medical markets. The new ADIS16375 and ADIS16334 are the third generation of ADI's high-performance IMUs and feature unmatched performance, feature-sets, and ease-of-use when operating within environments characterized by severe vibration, shock, and high temperatures. They both feature:

  • Gyro bias stability of 12 deg/hour and accelerometer bias stability of 0.13 mg provide a 2X improvement in sensor stability, simplifying system kalman filtering and improving accuracy.
  • A full 330-Hz of bandwidth coupled with a 3X increase in sample rate to 2,460 SPS (samples per second) improves overall system response.
  • Continuous bias estimation, user selectable decimation filters, user-configurable FIR filter banks, and delta theta and delta velocity outputs allow a more fully integrated and less complex system design, enabling faster implementation time.
  • The ADIS16334 is 40 percent smaller than previous iSensor devices and is the industry's most compact precision IMU. At just 11-mm high, the ADIS16334 allows designers to address a wider application space by providing them with significantly more mounting flexibility.

More About the ADIS16375 and ADIS16334 iSensor IMUs

The ADIS16334 and ADIS16375 iSensor IMUs are complete inertial systems that include a tri-axis gyroscope with ±300°/sec dynamic range, and a tri-axis accelerometer ±18g (ADIS16375) or ±5g (ADIS16334). Each integrated sensor in the new IMUs combines ADI’s industry-leading iMEMS® technology with signal conditioning that optimizes dynamic performance. Factory calibration optimizes each sensor for sensitivity, bias, alignment, temperature, and linear acceleration stability. As a result, each sensor has its own dynamic compensation formulas that provide accurate sensor measurements over a temperature range of up to −40°C to +105°C.

All necessary motion testing and calibration are part of the factory production process and greatly reduce system integration time. Tight orthogonal alignment across all sensors simplifies inertial frame alignment in navigation systems, and an improved SPI interface and register structure provide faster data collection and configuration control.

Pricing, Availability and Compatibility

The ADIS16334 and ADIS16375 IMUs are interface-compatible with current-generation IMUs, such as ADI's ADIS1636x, ADIS16385, ADIS16305, and ADIS1640x

Product Availability Operating Temperature Range Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
ADIS16375 Sampling and in production now -40° C to +85° C $649.00 44 mm × 47 mm × 14 mm module package
ADIS16334 Sampling -40° C to +105° C $336.00 11 mm x 22 mm x 33 mm module package

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