In Hall 4, Stand 159, ADI will demonstrate simplified signal processing solutions and innovative technology for industrial and instrumentation, healthcare and automotive applications.

Munich (09/11/2012) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, will unveil a range of simplified solutions and innovative technologies designed for precision control, measurement, and monitoring in industrial and instrumentation, healthcare, and automotive applications at electronica 2012, Nov. 13-16, 2012, in Munich, Germany. ADI also will host a series of demonstrations at its stand (Hall 4, Stand 159) that showcase the latest innovative signal processing technologies, products and simplified designs.

At electronica 2012, a series of live demonstrations will highlight Analog Devices’ innovation and ability to deliver systems designers a simplified approach to analog, digital and mixed-signal design.

Industrial Demonstrations: Automation, Energy and Power Control

  • Process Automation: The core of the Flow Meter System will measure liquid flow using electromagnetic sensing techniques
  • Motor and Power Control: The integrated development platform will show the synchronized motion of two electric motors driven by one of ADI’s motor control development platforms connected to a common master controller by a Fieldbus network. (Partners: HMS and Boston Engineering)
  • Instrumentation: The hand-held portable spectrum analyzer, from German OEM Aaronia, uses more than 12 discrete components from ADI ranging from world-class data converters and amplifiers to industry-leading radio frequency ICs.
  • Instrumentation: The small but intriguing spectrophotometer uses the Raman Spectrophotometer device manufactured by Wasatch Photonics
  • Energy Metering: The new residential utility meter with Analog Devices’ three-phase isoPower® integrated DC-to-DC converter technology will help manufacturers deliver a more reliable and more accurate metering solution.
  • Building Technologies: The home automation/intelligent building system demonstration will utilize a complete wireless sensor network consisting of a main control unit connected to a series of sensor nodes.

Healthcare Demonstrations: Vital Sign Measurement and Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

  • Vital Sign Measurement for Diagnostic and Portable Monitor-Quality Systems
    ADI will demonstrate a low power vital sign measurement platform that incorporates the AD8232 heart rate monitoring analog front end (AFE), ADXL362 motion sensor, and low energy Bluetooth interface for body worn home healthcare and fitness applications. The ADAS1000 5-lead ECG AFE will be demonstrated for diagnostic-level patient monitoring systems.
  • Photocurrent Measurement for Imaging Systems and Medical Diagnostics
    ADI’s current-to-digital converter technology changes photodiode array signals into digital signals, replacing previous converter-based technology that offered low levels of channel integration. The ADAS112x current-to-digital converter, single-chip solutions convert up to 128 photodiode currents into a single LVDS data stream and offer low noise, low power consumption and full programmability. The technology supports a range of imaging and medical diagnostics applications including CT scanners, x-ray equipment, dosimetry tools for radiation systems, and in-vitro lab equipment.

Automotive Demonstrations: Multizone Infotainment Systems

  • Infotainment and Connectivity Networking: A multi-zone infotainment system will enable smart phone integration and in-car distribution of high-definition content using APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) technology.

New Design Support Area Provides Quick Access to Easy-To-Use Tools

The new Design Support Area from ADI includes the following sections:

  • Circuits from the LabTM: Reference circuit designs for precision sensing and measurement applications
  • The EngineerZone: The online support community for engineers where you’ll find the ADI experts
  • Technical Support (CIC/CAC): Quickly connect with our experienced application engineers for assistance with product selection, design-in support and troubleshooting
  • Design Tools: Easily select, model, simulate, and evaluate our industry-leading product technologies
  • Interfacing FPGAs to Analog Devices: ADI develops industry-leading analog components to complement FPGA systems, designs hardware for easy FPGA connectivity and provides HDL codes, device drivers and reference designs

More information about ADI’s presence at electronica 2012 can be found at www.analog.com/electronica2012.

NOTE: ADI executives will be available for press interviews – in person at the show, and by telephone for any journalists not attending. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Kristina Fornell
F&H Porter Novelli
Direct line: +49 (0)89 121 75 117

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