ADI's Advantiv ADV7525 and ADV7526 transmitters enable mobile designers to deliver 3-D display resolutions, extended colorimetry and longer battery life to portable HD video and camera devices.

Norwood, MA (01/10/2011) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced two of the industry's smallest and thinnest low-power transmitters to incorporate HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) version 1.4 specification support for 3-D display resolutions and extended colorimetry. With a 25 percent smaller footprint than competing offerings (only 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm x 0.505 mm), ADI's low-power transmitters --the 80 MHz ADV7525 and the 150 MHz ADV7526 --enable mobile device designers to achieve new levels of miniaturization, flawless HD video performance and power efficiency. They are compatible with the industry’s smallest, lowest power ADV7611 and ADV7612 receivers recently announced by ADI.

Each device announced today extends ADI's Advantiv® advanced TV solutions portfolio by offering an on-chip 24-bit video interface that supports existing SOC (systems-on-chip) designs, further reducing time-to-market and design costs. The ADV7525 and ADV7526 support HDTV formats up to 720p60f/1080i and 1080p/60f at 1.8 V, making them effective for ultra-slim, power-sensitive handheld designs, including mobile phones, gaming consoles, portable media players, mobile Internet devices, digital still and DSLR cameras and camcorders.

"By incorporating support for HDMI Version 1.4 specification's 3-D display resolutions and extended colorimetry and a 24-bit video interface on a single chip, these transmitters are the first to close the HD performance gap between ultra-slim, multimedia devices and home entertainment systems," said Charles O'Roark, product line director, Digital Video Products, Analog Devices.

Complete with internal enhanced CEC (consumer electronic control) with expanded message buffer, 5-V tolerant I/Os and on-chip I2C master, the highly integrated, energy-saving transmitters provide designers with system-ready solutions that lower development and manufacturing costs across a wide range of HDMI-enabled devices.

The ADV7525 and ADV7526 offer complete audio support of S/PDIF (Sony/Philips digital interface format) for compressed audio, including Dolby Digital® and DTS®; and 8-channel I2S audio for transmitting stereo at sample rates up to 192 kHz. With the inclusion of embedded support for HDCP 1.3 (high-bandwidth digital content protection) processing, the transmitters allow the secure transmission of protected content.

Product Availability Price Each per 1,000 Packaging
ADV7525 Volume production available now $2.94 3.45 mm × 3.45 mm × 0.505 mm
ADV7526 Volume production available now $3.43 3.45 mm × 3.45 mm × 0.505 mm

Validated through successful compliance testing, the ADV7525 and ADV7526 transmitters are software-compatible with previous video products, including the ADV7521NK low-power HDMI transmitter and ADV7523A/ADV7524A low-power HDMI transmitter. The new transmitters complement other Analog Devices video transmitter components, including the AD9394 5V charge pump HDMI transmitter companion chip, ADV7390/1/2/3 low-power, chip-scale 10-bit SD/HD video encoder and ADV7123 and ADV7125 triple high-speed video DACs (digital-to-analog converters).

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