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For all its benefits, this is one very special digital potentiometer. And we have seven tested and verified circuit examples to show for it.

ADI's AD5292 is single-channel, 10-bit programmable, 1024-tap digipot with ± 1% end-to-end resistor tolerance (RTol) error over a wide ±15-V supply range. That's 20x better than competing digiPots which specify a minimum RTol error of 20 percent. With performance like that, it's good for a variety of precision measurement applications, and we have a few detailed circuits to share. Each of these Circuits from the Lab™ designs offer a circuit note with detailed information.

  • Featured Application Note - AN-1208:Programmable Bidirectional Current Source. See link below.

  • Featured Circuit Note - CN0114: Low Cost, High Voltage, Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier. See diagram and link below.

  • AN-1207: PProgrammable High Voltage Source with Boosted Output Current.
  • AN-1205: Building a 30 V Low Cost DAC
  • AN-1206 / CN0112 Two options for building a Variable Gain Amplifier: inverting and non-inverting.

AN-1208: Programmable Bidirectional Current Source.

This circuit provides a programmable bidirectional Howland current source using the AD5292 digital potentiometer, a member of the digiPOT+ family, in conjunction with the quad ADA4091-4 op amp and the ADR512 voltage reference. This circuit offers 10-bit resolution over an output current range of ±18.4 mA. The AD5292 is programmable over an SPI-compatible serial interface.

Low Cost, High Voltage, Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier Using the AD5292 Digital Potentiometer and the AD8221 In-Amp (CN0114)


Read the full circuit note to learn about the circuit functions and benefits.

This circuit provides a low cost, high voltage, programmable gain instrumentation amplifier using the AD5292 digital potentiometer, a member of the digiPOT+ family, and the AD8221 instrumentation amplifier.

The circuit offers 1,024 different gain settings, controllable through an SPI digital interface. The ±1% resistor tolerance performance of the AD5292 provides low gain error over the full resistor range.

ADI engineers share their lab work with you in these 'Circuits from the Lab'. Combine these product pairings quickly and with confidence.

  • Circuits provide solutions for many common application needs.
  • Each circuit includes detailed design documentation, common circuit variations, and more.
  • Circuit function & performance are verified in hardware.
Read more about Circuits from the Lab, and view an overview of Circuits from the Lab video (5min 05sec) .

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