- Bachmann, a European market-leading control systems company, selects data converters and suite of ADI products for high reliability and long life cycle applications.
Bachmann electronic, the global market leader for electronic control systems in wind turbines

Norwood, MA (01/11/2010) - Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in data conversion technologies and high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, announced today that Bachmann electronic, the global market leader for electronic control systems in wind turbines, has selected ADI’s data converters as key components in its control systems for wind turbines and other industrial systems. Bachmann’s electronic control systems have a proven availability of more than 99.96 percent and play an essential role in enabling 30,000 wind power plants around the world to produce clean energy.

“The two most important criteria for us in selecting components for the wind turbine industry are high reliability, and availability over a long lifetime of up to 25 years,” said Gunnar Vogel, product manager control systems at Bachmann electronic. “Analog Devices is able to provide us with a broad range of high-performance converters, amplifiers and complementary products and, in my opinion, stands alone in its competence in supplying such devices to the industrial market.”

Wind energy is an increasingly significant industrial sector, with the market for turbine installations in 2008 worth more than $53 billion and average installed wind power capacity growing at a yearly rate of over 30 percent for the last decade.* Data converters are vital components in wind turbine systems, providing digital information to the turbine control systems for real-world measurements of status and condition ensuring safe, efficient operation.

In its condition monitoring systems for wind turbines, Bachmann uses ADI’s ADCs (analog-to-digital converters) to digitize the signal from a piezoelectric movement sensor. The systems also use ADI’s operational amplifiers.

Across its other industrial control systems, Bachmann uses a wide range of ADI components, including data converters, multiplexers, digital isolators, and amplifiers.

“Bachmann electronic has achieved an enviable position in the wind turbine and industrial control market due to the high quality and reliability of its products,” said Ronn Kliger, Energy Group director, Analog Devices. “ADI’s broad portfolio of converters and complementary analog products gives industrial companies, like Bachmann, the right components to build high-performance systems that will last for decades.”

Analog Devices Energy Group
ADI's Energy Group supports customers across the energy generation, transmission, and distribution chain. Drawing upon a broad portfolio of measurement, communications, and processing technologies ADI provides energy solutions for applications like solar and wind generation, substation automation, smart meters, and building automation.

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Bachmann electronic is an internationally active company specializing in automation solutions. It is headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, with offices in Germany, Holland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the USA, India and China. For more information, visit

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* Source: Global Wind Energy Council,

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