Norwood, MA (02/06/2012) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, today introduced the ADP2164, a 6.5-V, 4-A output DC-to-DC regulator featuring a high conversion efficiency of greater than 96 percent. The highly integrated ADP2164 regulator offers an input voltage supply range of 2.7 V to 6.5 V, an output range as low as 0.6 V and includes low on-resistance switching FETs to maximize efficiency while reducing board space. The ADP2164 provides very high efficiency in a compact 4-mm x 4-mm QFN 16-lead package. This new DC-to-DC regulator is designed for multi-rail, point-of-load applications ranging from communication infrastructure to industrial devices that demand small size, fast transient performance and highly accurate voltage regulation. Unlike other 5-V regulators, the maximum input range of the ADP2164 is 6.5 V, which provides additional safety headroom.

ADP2164 DC-to-DC Regulator Key Features

  • Maximum input voltage range up to 6.5 V provides additional headroom over a 5.5-V sources
  • Peak efficiency up to 96 percent improves system power efficiency and reduces thermal dissipation
  • Synchronization input and selectable phase-shift feature to minimize input ripple current and reduce input filter design complexity
  • Precision-enable input, voltage tracking input and power-good feature enables a simple and reliable start-up sequence
  • Internal compensation and soft start simplifies design

The ADP2164’s switching frequency can be programmed from 500 kHz to 1.4 MHz or synchronized to an external clock to eliminate beat frequencies between regulators. Two ADP2164 regulators can also be synchronized 180 degrees out of phase to reduce input current ripple and the size of the input capacitance. The regulator is based on a current-mode, fixed-frequency PWM (pulse-width modulation) architecture that provides excellent stability and transient response, and is pin-compatible with the ADP2118 5-V 3-A synchronous regulator. Designed for high efficiency multi-rail applications, the ADP2164 operates over the −40 °C to +125 °C junction temperature range.

Availability and Pricing

Product Sample Availability Full Production Price per 1k units Packaging
ADP2164 Now Now $1.66 4 mm x 4 mm 16-lead QFN
ADP2164-EVALZ Now Now $60.00  

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Innovation, performance, and excellence are the cultural pillars on which Analog Devices has built one of the longest standing, highest growth companies within the technology sector. Acknowledged industry-wide as the world leader in data conversion and signal conditioning technology, Analog Devices serves over 60,000 customers, representing virtually all types of electronic equipment. Analog Devices is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, with design and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Analog Devices is included in the S&P 500 Index.

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