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The USB-SDP-CABLEZ USB-to-Serial-I/O interface is required to connect an evaluation board to a PC to allow control and monitoring by the evaluation software. When multiple evalution kits are linked, only one serial I/O interface connector is required.

The USB-SDP-CABLEZ provides a serial interface between a PC and an evaluation board. The USB-SDP-CABLEZ is based on a USB to Serial Engine that establishes connectivity to the PC through a USB 2.0 high speed port. The USB-SDP-CABLEZ has configurable I2C, SPI and GPIO communication lines that are controlled by the evaluation software for specific devices.

The USB-SDP-CABLEZ has a 10-way connector, which exposes the serial interface peripherals to various evaluation boards. An adapter board is included with the USB-SDP-CABLEZ kit that converts the 10-way connector to a 3-way I2C only connection. The adapter is provided to allow connection to some older eval kits that have not yet been updated to include the new 10-way connector.


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ADM1062 Evaluation Board
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EVAL-ADM1062TQEBZ Status: Production Evaluation board for device allowing user to configure the board to match their own configuration. The kit includes a TQFP socket. Multiple boards can be cascaded (cable included), allowing evaluation of multi-device systems. $303.60 Yes -
SOCKET-ADM106XLFZ Status: Production Optional LFCSP Socket for ADM1062-67 and ADM1166. This can be used with the evaluation board if required. $120.00 Yes -
SOCKET-ADM106XTQZ Status: Production Optional TQFP Socket for ADM1062-67 and ADM1166. This can be used with the evaluation board if required. $95.00 Yes -
USB-SDP-CABLEZ Status: Production USB to Serial I/O Interface. One is required and can support multiple eval kits. $89.00 Yes -

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