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We are continuously receiving great reviews, and usage increases every quarter. Thank you for making ADIsimPower a very popular tool.

Explore what is new:

  • Over 20 different tools can be downloaded. Users can save designs local to their machines, which is great for design reviews and documentation.
  • Over 300 ADI parts are covered by ADIsimPower. 99% of single and dual rail voltage regulator parts are supported.
  • ADIsimPower supports 9 topologies including: Cuk, SEPIC, SEPIC-Cuk, and Inverting Buck Boost.
  • Additional component manufactuerers have been added to the database: Wurth & Murata inductors, Nichicon capacitors, and more FETs.
  • The Linear Regulator Design tool supports multiple channels.
  • Blank evaluation boards can be requested directly from the download tool.
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    The ADP505x Buck Regulator Design Tool is our featured release.

    ADIsimPower now supports the ADP505x family of multichannel high voltage PMUs. This new family of parts supports 4/5 channels from inputs up to 15V and with load current up to 4A per channel. Users can optimize the design by taking into account the thermal contributions of each channel, by cascading channels, and even by placing the high current channels in parallel to create an 8A rail. With the advanced features, user can specify independently each channel's performance from ripple & transient to switching frequency selection from the channels that support half the master frequency. As with all the other tools, evaluation boards are available by requests directly from the tool.

    The following stand-alone tools generate a power supply design complete with a schematic, bill of materials, and performance specifications (including efficiency) based on the user's preference for size, efficiency, and cost.

    IMPORTANT: You must enable macros when Microsoft Excel asks you as the file is being opened.

    The same tools (ZIP files) are available from ADIsimPower.

    Note: Microsoft Excel is dependent on the language setting Microsoft Windows for the indication of a decimal point. Issues may arise when some of these files are read/run in Excel of another language that does not use decimal point notation (such as "2.7") and uses instead decimal comma notation (such as "2,7"). The the temporary workaround is to change the language of Microsoft Windows to English. [Control Panel->Region and Language->Format]. The specific error comes from the Excel Rank command that is used by just a few tools and that does not gracefully handle decimal notation of the opposite sort suddenly in a "smart" Microsoft Excel format conversion to the regional language when opened.

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