ADI offers LED drivers that range from automotive to display and keypad LED-backlighting applications. Products like the AD8240, designed for automotive applications, both drive and monitor the LED assembly. The AD8240 lowers system cost by reducing the complexity associated with LED driving, includes overcurrent protection, and is available in a MSOP package. The ADP8860/70 charge pump LED drivers are designed for driving up to seven white LEDs in parallel and has a built-in controller for automatic light adjustment based on ambient conditions. The ADP8860/70 can independently control each LED sink allowing one LED backlight driver to be used for multiple lighting requirements such as LCD backlight and keypad backlighting at the same time. These intelligent state-machine products improve battery life by reducing processor interaction and improve time to market by reducing software complexities.

ADI Part Description Software Evaluation Kits
ADP1650 1.5 A LED Flash Driver with I2C-Compatible Interface
Compact, highly efficient, single white LED flash driver for high resolution camera phones that improves picture and video quality in low light environments. The device integrates a programmable 1.5 MHz or 3.0 MHz synchronous inductive boost converter, an I2-compatible interface, and a 1500 mA current source.
- Evaluation Boards & Kits
ADP8860 Charge Pump, 7-Channel Smart LED Driver with I2C Interface
Combines a programmable backlight LED charge pump driver with automatic phototransistor control. This combination allows for significant power savings because it changes the current intensity in office and dark ambient light conditions. By performing this function automatically, it eliminates the need for a processor to monitor the phototransistor.
Lab View Installation File (99.9 MB, EXE)

ADP8860 GUI Setup (7.8 MB, EXE)
Evaluation Boards & Kits
ADP8861 Charge Pump, 7-Channel Smart LED Driver with I2C Interface
Provides a powerful charge pump driver with independent control of up to seven LEDs. Six of these LEDs can be independently driven up to 30 mA (typical). A seventh LED can be driven to 60 mA (typical).
Evaluation Boards & Kits
ADP8863 Charge Pump, 7-Channel Fun Lighting LED Driver
Combines a powerful charge pump driver with advanced autonomous LED lighting features. It allows as many as seven LEDs to be independently driven up to 30 mA (maximum). The seventh LED can be also driven to 60 mA (maximum). All LEDs are programmable for maximum current and fade in/out times via the I2C interface.
Evaluation Boards & Kits
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