POWER CHAINS and Simplified Power Management

A power chain that supports the design goals of a signal chain can be as varied as the application itself. Despite their uniqueness, most power chains can be simplified to their essential functions as depicted in the generic applications here.

The power chains below have hot-spot links. When you mouse-over an block of power chain, a fly-out tells you where you will be taken. When clicked on, the hot-spot opens a selection table for the product family or a launching pad for the ADIsimPower Voltage Regulator Selection & Design Tool. ADIsimPower makes selecting a voltage regulator easy, allows you to quickly create and simulate a design, and makes it possible for you to order a customized evaluation board.


Power Management Resources & Tools

Enter values and click on ADIsimPower to find power management solutions. Launch of ADIsimPower Voltage Regulator Design Tool
Available System Voltage Operating Voltage Rail Load Current
Vin (min) V Vin (max) V Vout V Iout A
Resources & Tools for Power Management Download tools for ADIsimPower Supervisor Parametric Search
One-stop shopping for power management tools. Stand-alone Excel-based design tools from ADIsimPower. These tools provide schematics, bill of materials, and other simulation data. Do you want supervisors with those ICs? Find the supervisor with the features and functionality for your application.
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