Power Monitoring ICs

Power Monitoring ICs from Analog Devices provide an integrated solution for digital current and voltage measurement via an on-chip, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC), communicated through an I2C interface. Leveraging ADI’s precision analog design techniques, ADI’s products are twice as precise as competing devices, offering best-in-class accuracy (<±0.8%). The power monitors complete the industry’s only monitor and sequencer family to deliver <±1% accuracy for 2 to 12 supplies.

The parts are designed for today’s advanced data and telecommunications infrastructure equipment, which is driven by extremely powerful processors with ever-lower core-voltage supplies. With unprecedented accuracy, the power monitoring ICs precisely monitor processor cores to ensure they operate within voltage tolerance specifications, allowing power and system engineers to maximize system uptime and optimize system performance.

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Power Monitors

Part# Current MonitoringMax Supply VoltageGlitch FilterCONV PinCLRB PinALERT/ALERTBNumber of I2C AddressesUS-Price-1000-to-4999
ADM1191226V-X-ALERTB16 $1.92
ADM1192226VProgrammable Timer-XALERT4 $1.92
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Current Monitors

Part# Filter OptionMinimum Input Common ModeMaximum Input Common ModeV Span MinV Span MaxCMRRBandwidth @ G=10Gain TCAutomotive QualifiedUS-Price-1000-to-4999
AD22057Yes-1V24V3V26V80dB30KHz-- $4.71
AD626Yes-24V24V2.4V10V66dB100KHz150ppm/C- $3.77
AD8202Yes-8V28V3.5V12V82dB50KHz20ppm/CYes $1.51
AD8203Yes-6V30V3.5V12V82dB60KHz20ppm/C- $1.37
AD8205No-2V65V4.5V5.5V76dB50KHz30ppm/CYes $1.51
AD8206No-2V65V4.5V5.5V76dB100KHz30ppm/CYes $1.37
AD8207--4V65V4.5V5.5V80dB150KHz15ppm/CYes $2.29
AD8208--2V45V4.5V5.5V80dB70KHz5ppm/CYes $1.67
AD8209--2V45V4.5V5.5V80dB80KHz5ppm/CYes $1.67
AD8210Reference Circuit AvailableNo-2V65V4.5V5.5V80dB500KHz20ppm/CYes $1.81
AD8211No-2V65V4.5V5.5V100dB500KHz20ppm/CYes $0.81
AD8212Reference Circuit AvailableNo7V65V7V65V100dB1MHz-Yes $1.32
AD8213Yes-2V65V4.5V5.5V100dB500KHz10ppm/CYes $2.01
AD8214No5V65V5V65V80dB--- $0.76
AD8215No-2V65V4.5V5.5V100dB450KHz15ppm/CYes $1.21
AD8216No-4V65V4.5V5.5V80dB3MHz10ppm/CYes $1.62
AD8217No4.5V80V4.5V80V90dB500KHz5ppm/C- $0.99
AD8218No4V80V4V80V90dB450KHz5ppm/C- $1.05
AD8219No4V80V4V80V94dB500KHz5ppm/C- $0.95
AD8293G160Yes1.8V5.5V1.8V5.5V94dB500KHz25ppm/C- $0.5
AD8293G80Yes1.8V5.5V1.8V5.5V94dB500KHz25ppm/C- $0.5
ADM4073No2V28V3V28V90dB1.8MHz-- $0.99
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Hot Swap and Pwr Monitors

Part# Operating Range(V)UV & OV DetectionDigital V & I ReadbackI Monitor Accuracy (+/-%)Other InputsOther OutputsUS Price 1000-4999
ADM11753.15 to 16.5ON pin (UV), ONB pin (OV)I2C Interface, w/ 4 Addreses2CONV Pin- $2.53
ADM11763.15 to 16.5ON pin (UV)I2C Interface, w/ 16 Addresses2-- $2.53
ADM11773.15 to 16.5ON pin (UV)I2C Interface, w/ 4 Addreses2-- $2.53
ADM1178Reference Circuit Available3.15 to 16.5ON pin (UV)I2C Interface, w/ 4 Addreses2-ALERTB $2.73
ADM12752.95 to 20UV pin, OV pinI2C Interface, w/ 4 Addreses1CONV Pin, ENABLE PinGPO1/ALERT1B, GPO2/ALERT2B $4.49
ADM12761.6 to 16.5UV pin, OV pinI2C Interface, w/ 4 Addreses1CONV Pin, ENABLE PinGPO1/ALERT1B, GPO2/ALERT2B $5.29
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