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TOOLS, SOFTWARE & SIMULATION MODELS — ADM1177 : Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power Monitor with Soft Start Pin

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Evaluation Software (2)
  • ADM1175-78 & ADM1191-92 Evaluation Software
    This version of software supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and is recommended for new installations. It requires the ADMxxxx Common Run-time to be installed in order to provide driver support for the all supported I2C interfaces. This includes the USB-SDP-CABLEZ, USB-SMBUS-CABLEZ and USB-5PSMBUS-CABLEZ interfaces.
  • ADMxxxx Common Run-Time
    This run-time installer is shared between the SuperSequencer, ADM1175-92 and ADM1293/4 and the Hot Swap and Power Monitor tools. Contains driver support for the USB-SMBUS-CABLEZ and USB-SDP-CABLEZ interface connectors.
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