MOSFET Drivers

The ADI MOSFET driver family provide high speed, high current MOSFET drive capability for efficient switching conversion in ACDC and Isolated DCDC converters. The driver family utilizes industry standard footprint but adds over temperature and precision enable protection features to enhance overall system reliability and performance. The low side driver series ADP363x/2x is designed to complement ADI's digital power product portfolio by providing high efficiency drive capability and system security.

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Part# Vin min (V)Vin max (V)Peak Drive Current (A)Prop-Delay Rising (ns)UVLO On/Off T-Hold V typUS Price 1000-4999
ADP36234.5V18V4A14ns4.2/3.9 $0.88
ADP36244.5V18V4A14ns4.2/3.9 $0.88
ADP36254.5V18V4A14ns4.2/3.9 $0.88
ADP36299.5V18V2A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.76
ADP36309.5V18V2A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.76
ADP36319.5V18V2A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.76
ADP36339.5V18V4A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.88
ADP36349.5V18V4A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.88
ADP36359.5V18V4A14ns8.7/7.7 $0.88
ADP36504.15V13.2V-30ns4.15/3.0 $0.62
ADP36544.5V18V4A14ns4.15/3.0 $0.66
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Isolated Gate Drivers

Part# Insulation Rating (kVrms)Isolated Output Supply (mIsolated Output (V)minIsolated Output (V)maxInput LogicMax Operating Temp (°C)Automotive QualifiedUS-Price-1000-to-4999
ADUM12332.5KV rms-12V18VTTL105Deg- $1.38
ADUM12342.5KV rms-12V18VCMOS105Deg- $1.38
ADUM14201.6KV rms-12V18VTTL105Deg- **
ADUM32202.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.6
ADUM32212.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.6
ADUM32233KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.7
ADUM32243KV rms---CMOS-Yes $2.15
ADUM42235KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125Deg- $2.03
ADUM52302.5KV rms10mA12V18VCMOS105Deg- $2.27
ADUM61323.7KV rms22mA12.5V17VCMOS85Deg- $2.12
ADUM72232.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125Deg- $1.51
ADUM7234Reference Circuit Available1KV rms-12V18VCMOS105Deg- $1.4
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