LVDT Sensor Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ signal conditioning ICs, together with Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs), can be used to convert mechanical position to a dc voltage. The IC provides both the excitation for the LVDT as well as converting the output to dc level with a user selectable gain. ADI’s LVDT signal conditioners are available to interface with a wide range of LVDTs, including half bridge and standard 4- and 5-wire.



Part#Iout DriveCapability (typExcitation Output CurrentExcitation Volt Amp (Typ)Excitation Freq (max)Gain ErrorMax Vin (V-rms)Offset ErrorExcitation Freq (min_Offset Drift (ppm/°C)Drift (ppm/°C)
AD698Reference Circuit Available 11 mA 40 mA 1.2-21.2 Vrms 20 kHz 0.1 3.5 V rms 0.1 20 Hz 20 20
AD598Reference Circuit Available 11 mA 40 mA 1.2-20 Vrms 20 kHz 0.4 3.5 V rms 0.3 20 Hz 7 20
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