To facilitate the design process for designers who are not embedding the 3B Series modules into their own custom backplanes and panels, the following optional accessories can simplify and expedite their designs.

I/O Cable

The optional Model AC1315 2-foot, 26-pin flat ribbon cable includes two female connectors. The cable connects directly to either the P1 or P2, 26-pin I/O system connectors supplied on the 3B Series backplane and can be used with the optional AC1324 interface board. The cable and interface board connect the 3B Series backplanes to analog I/O boards compatible with all of the leading industry buses. AC1315
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The CAB-01 is a 26-pin cable with 3 connectors that can be used to connect the Model AC1324 optional universal interface board to a 3B Series Model 3B01, 3B02 or 3B03 backplane. cab-01
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Power Connector

The Model AC1352 6-pin female optional connector mates with the power connector, P3, on the 3B01, 3B02 and 3B03 backplanes, to supply regulated ±15 V DC and +24 V DC power to the backplanes. Using the AC1352 connector to bring external regulated power to a 3B Series backplane eliminates the need for an on-board AC/DC or DC/DC converter. AC1352
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Current Conversion Resistor

The Model AC1342 100 Ω, 0.1%, 1/4 watt, 20 ppm/°C resistor is supplied with each 3B32 current input module to convert input current to a voltage; an additional AC1342 can be optionally ordered as a spare. AC1342
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Interface Board for Analog I/O

The Model AC1324 optional universal interface board includes a 26-pin I/O connector and 26 I/O screw terminals. The 26-pin connector accepts the AC1315 or CAB-01 cables from a 3B Series Model 3B01, 3B02 or 3B03 backplane and provides 26 screw terminals for interconnecting to any analog I/O subsystem, such as a programmable controller. It can be mounted either at the back of the AC1330 rack-mount kit (standoffs are included and should be used) or in a snap track. AC1324
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Kits for User-Designed Modules

The optional Model AC1350 kit contains an individual blank case, connectors and PC vector board to enable the construction of a user-designed 3B-type module. The Model AC1351 kit includes only a case and connectors.   AC1350
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Mounting Kits - Rack-Mount

The optional Model AC1330 is a two-piece metal optional mounting to enable Models 3B01, 3B02 or 3B03 backplanes to be fitted into a 19-inch rack, requiring a 19-inch x 4.7-inch area. The bottom plate has threaded inserts for mounting any of the three backplanes using four screws that are shipped with each backplane. The AC1330 top piece provides a rigid module hold-down and is secured to the bottom piece with two quarter-turn fasteners. AC1330
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The Model AC1345 is an individual module mounting kit with CJC sensor used to mount a single 3B series module for evaluation. AC1345
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Mounting Kits - Surface-Mount

The Models AC1331, AC1332 and AC1333 optional surface-mount kits enable any of the backplanes, Models 3B01, 3B02 or 3B03, respectively, to be easily mounted in a panel or NEMA enclosure. AC1331
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Configuration Jumpers

The AC1344 contains 10 jumpers and are used to configure the current output of the 3B modules.
Note: 3B current output modules are shipped with two jumpers installed and are configured for Unipolar 4mA to 20mA.
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Power Supplies and Power Cords

The 3B Series Subsystem requires an optional AC/DC power supply mounted on the backplane. External ±15 V DC power supply can also be used.

The Model AC1301 plug-in, modular, encapsulated AC/DC, regulated, ±15 V DC power supply can be directly mounted on the 3B Series backplanes, with the supplied retainer clip and hardware. This mounting features the ability for each power supply to be asily removed from the backplane.

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The Model AC1307 plug-in modular AC/DC supply provides both regulated ±15 V DC outputs and an unregulated +24 V DC output.

After connecting a power cord, no additional external components are required with these power supplies. Simply mount the unit on the backplane and connect power. For the AC/DC supplies, connect Model AC1340-D power cord to the AC POWER terminals, TB33. To provide power from a DC/DC supply, connect Model AC1341 power cord to the DC POWER CONNECTOR, P3. Refer to the Power Supply section for complete electrical and mechanical specifications on these power supplies.

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Ranging Module

The Model AC1310 is an optional ranging plug-in module that allows user-supplied resistors to customize the zero and span for the user-programmable 3B models. Resistor selection is facilitated by using the equations shown in the 3B Series User Manual or Microsoft Windows® based Resistor Selection Program. Resistor values are based on the user-desired input/output ranges. AC1310
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User Manual

Model AC1346 is a complete reference manual providing detailed information on setting up the 3B Series subsystem. Complete schematic diagrams are provided on each of the backplanes. The Model AC1346 manual is included with each 3B Series backplane; additional copies must be optionally ordered as a separate item. AC1346
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