CJC Sensor

Model AC1361 temperature sensor provides cold junction temperature measurement for thermocouple applications on user-designed backplanes or mounting boards. These SIP temperature sensors are provided on each channel of all Analog Devices, Inc. backplanes and mounting boards.

The minimum purchase quantity for the AC1361 is 50 pieces.

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Current Conversion Resistor

Model AC1362 is a 20 Ω, 0.1% (typical), 1/8 watt, 20 ppm/°C replacement plug-in resistor that is fully encapsulated. The AC1362 is supplied with each 5B32 Current Input Module. AC1362
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Single Channel Socket

A single channel test socket with screw terminals and cold junction compensation for module evaluation. DIN rail compatible. Model AC1360. AC1360
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Rack Mount Kit

Model AC1363 is a single-piece metal chassis for mounting the 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 or 5B08-MUX backplanes in a 19" rack, requiring 19" x 3.5" area. Additionally, the encapsulated power supply, Model PWR-01, as well as the AC1324 interface card, may be mounted on the rear of the AC1363 using mounting holes provided. AC1363
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Configuration Jumpers

Model AC1344 contains 10 jumpers and are used to configure the 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 and 5B08-MUX backplanes AC1344
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The AC1315 is a 2' (60cm) 26-pin flat ribbon cable with two connectors. Used with the AC1324 screw terminal interface board, the AC1315 cable connects directly to either the P1 or P2, 26-pin I/O system connector on the 5B Series backplanes. AC1315
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The CAB-01 is a 26-pin cable with 3 connectors used to daisy-chain 5B02 16-channel, or 5B08-MUX 8-channel mux backplanes. The number of CAB-01 cables needed is equal to the number of backplanes to be connected minus one. A maximum of four backplanes can be chained together, requiring three CAB-01 cables and one AC1315 cable (or similar cable) to connect to an interface board or control system. CAB-01
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Power Supplies and Power Cord

Model PWR-01 is a chassis mounted AC/DC, regulated, + 5 V dc output power supply which can be mounted on the rear of Model AC1363 rack mount kit, using mounting screws provided. Since this modular supply is fully encapsulated, no external components are required - simply mount the unit and connect AC power - using Model AC1340-D power cord (in U.S.A.)- and output leads. Refer to the Power Supply section for complete electrical and mechanical specifications on these power supplies. PWR-01/955/977
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The AC1367 is a voltage-switch input module that allows a convenient, low cost and safe connection of a high-level per-conditioned analog signal to the 5B Series Backplane system connector. This module accepts a -5V to +5V input and provieds a -5V ti +5 output, while protecting computer-side circuitry from field-side overvoltage faults. There is no gain or attenuation of the input signal and the output is not isolated. In addition, AC1367 modules are mix-and-matched and hot swappable, so can be inserted or removed from any socket in the same backplane without disrupting system power. AC1367
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The 5BDS module directly connects the Input Lo to Output Lo and Input Hi to Output Hi. This accessory (when installed into a 5B backplane) allows a customer to connect a Non-Isolated signal to the input screw terminals of the backplane and have the signal pass through to the output side of the backplane. This can be useful if a customer has a signal they would like to measure that does not require Isolation or signal conditioning. BDS
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The 5B Proto is a kit which includes the following:
  • Empty 5B Case and Case header
  • 5B hold down screw
  • 5B Breadboard with 0.1" centers for small circuit designs
  • 5B Pin Header for easy mounting into a 5B backplane
  • 5BProto
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    Interface Board

    Model AC1324 is a universal interface board with a 26-pin I/O connector and 26 I/O screw terminals. The 26-pin connector accepts the AC1315 or CAB-01 cables from a 5B Series 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 or 5B08-MUX backplane and provides 26 screw terminals for interconnecting to any analog I/O subsystem. This interface board might be used with programmable controllers, for example. It can be mounted to the AC1363 rack-mount kit or in a snap track. Standoffs are included with the AC1324 and should be used if it is mounted on the back of the AC1363 rack mount kit. AC1324
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    5B Series User Manual

    Model AC1364 is a complete reference manual providing detailed information on setting up the 5B Series subsystem. AC1364
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