Family of AC/DC Supplies

Mountable Directly on Backplane Using Supplied Hardware

Current Limit Short Circuit Protection

Low Output Ripple and Noise

Excellent Line and Load Regulation Characteristics

Free-Air Convention Cooling: No external Heat Sink Required


Analog Devices' line of AC/DC supplies offer system designers a means of supplying a reliable, easy to use, low cost solution to powering the 3B Series Signal Conditioning subsystem. These models provide high accuracy, short circuit protection, regulated outputs with very low noise and ripple characteristics. All supplies can be mounted directly on the 3B Series backplanes, Models 3B01, 3B02 and 3B03, using supplied mounting clip and hardware. AC1301
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Options for Powering a Backplane

Several backplane powering options are available to a user. The 3B Series Subsystem can operate from an AC/DC power supply or a DC/DC converter, mounted directly on the backplane, or external ±15 V DC and +24 V DC supplies can be used. The power supply voltages are bussed to all signal conditioners on the backplane. The +24 V DC voltage is supplied as loop power for all module current outputs. Supply current is a function of the modules that are actually used - see table below.

3B Series Module Current Requirements

Model +15 V DC
-15 V DC
+24 V DC
3B16 45 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B171 65 mA 65 mA 27 mA
3B18 50 mA 15 mA 27 mA
3B20 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B30 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B31 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B32 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B34 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B37 12 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B39 5 mA 5 mA 35 mA
3B40 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B41 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B42 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B43 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B44 10 mA 10 mA 27 mA
3B45 16 mA 16 mA 27 mA
3B46 19 mA 19 mA 27 mA
3B47 16 mA 14 mA N/A

1 Model 3B17 module typically needs 40 mA ±5 mA for the LVDT/RVDT drive current. The supply current for the LVDT/RVDT current is 75% of the LVDT/RVDT rms current.


If both +24 V DC and ±15 V DC are supplied from an external source, the power supply requirements must be satisfied for the desired number of modules.

If the user wishes to use a +15 V supply for the module current outputs - loop power - in place of +24 V DC, the +15 V DC from the AC/DC supply can be strapped to the loop power on connector P3. With this arrangement, the load resistance on all module current outputs is limited to 400 Ω> maximum; with +24 V DC supply voltage, the load resistance is increased to 850Ω maximum.

Selecting a Power Supply

The following supplies, available from Analog Devices, operate over a -25°C to +70°C temperature range. Refer to the power supply specification table for more detailed information on each supply.

Model AC1301 is an AC/DC dual output, ±15 V DC power supply providing ±350 mA; it is mounted on the backplane with supplied mounting clip and hardware.

Model AC1307 is an AC/DC triple output, +15 V DC, -15 V DC and +24 V DC power supply providing +800 mA, -225 mA and +350 mA respectively. Model AC1307 is mounted on the backplane using supplied hardware.

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3B Series Power Supply Specifications
(typical @ +25°C and Nominal Input Voltage)

Description Model AC1301 Model AC1307
Input Voltage Range 105 V rms to
125 V rms
105 V rms to
125 V rms
Frequency 50 Hz to 250 Hz 50 Hz to 400 Hz
Output Voltage ±15 V dc +15 V dc/-15 V dc/
+24 V dc
Output Current ±350 mA +800 mA/-255 mA/
+350 mA
Short Circuit Protection2 Current Limited Current Limited
Voltage Accuracy ±1%, max. ±5% max.
(±15 V dc Outputs)
+20 V dc min. to
+32 V dc max.
Temperature Coefficient ±0.02%/°C ±0.05%/°C
Line Regulation ±0.02% max. ±0.1%
Load Regulation ±0.02% max. ±0.1%
Ripple & Noise 0.5 mV rms, max. ±20 mV pk-pk
(±15 V dc Outputs)
1 V pk-pk
(+24 V dc Output)
Breakdown Voltage 2500 V rms, min. 1500 V rms, min.
Switching Frequency N/A N/A
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C -25°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to +85°C -25°C to +85°C
Cooling Free Air Convection Free Air Convection
PC Mountable Yes Yes
Encapsulated Yes No
Mounting Threaded Inserts Four,
#4-40 x 0.15" deep
#6-32 Stand-Off

1 Accuracy for +24 V dc output: +20 V dc minimum with low line and full load; +32 V dc maximum with high line, 20 mA load.
2 Substantial overload can be withstood, including direct short. Prolonged operation should be avoided since excessive temperature rises will occur.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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