Magnetic Sensors

Analog Devices provides two approaches for magnetic sensing: Hall effect sensor and Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) sensor. The AD22151 linear Hall effect sensor combines integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrumentation circuitry in a single IC to minimize temperature related drifts and shifts. The IC maximizes the advantages of a monolithic implementation while allowing sufficient versatility to meet varied magnetic sensing application requirements with a minimum number of support components. The ADA4571 AMR angle sensor combines thin film magneto-resistive technology with best-in-class signal conditioning to deliver the industry’s highest accuracy and speed angle sensor. The IC enables high accuracy motor position sensing in brushless DC and high speed servo motors. The device can also be used to measure linear displacement.


Magnetic Sensors

Part#CommentsSensor TechnologyVsupply Positive (min)Vsupply Positive (max)Isupply (max)Sensitivity InputVout as % of Vsupply (min)Vout as % of Vsupply (max)Non-LinearityAccuracy TotalBandwidth -3 dB (typ)Iout SC (min)
ADA4571 - Magneto-Resistive 2.7 5.5 6.5 mA 51 mV/° 7 93 0.05° 0.4° 100 kHz 15 mA
AD22151G - Hall Effect 4.5 6 6 mA 160 uV/V/G 10 90 0.1 % FS - 5.7 1 mA
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