Automatic Test Equipment

Analog Devices provides our customers with a complete portfolio of ATE signal chain solutions to meet today's demanding SOC, DRAM and Flash Memory tester applications. Our broad product portfolio includes Pin Electronics (Driver/Comparator/Load), multi-channel level setting DACs, PPMU (Per Pin Measurement Units), ADCs for precision measurements, a wide range of switches and multiplexers and CMOS Timing Verniers. An overview of ADI's Automatic Test Equipment Solutions is available.


  • If you have questions or comments, please contact the ATE Group.

ATE Overview

Results: 7
ConfigurationChannelsWatts Per Channel (W)VminVmaxReflection ClampsBandwidth -3dB (typ)PackagePrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADATE205DCL21.15-1.56.5X1000100-Lead TQFP $33.37
ADATE206DCL21.4-1.56.5X1000100-Lead TQFP $41.72
ADATE209D20.5-1.53.5--49-Ball FCBGA $36.00
ADATE302-02DAC21.7-26.5X100084-Ball FCBGA $39.08
ADATE304DAC20.8-2/-1.56/6.5X50084-Ball FCBGA $37.00
ADATE305DAC20.85-2/-1.56/6.5X500100-Lead TQFP $28.00
ADATE318DAC21.1-1.56.5X1200- $42.08
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PMU Overview

Results: 2
ChannelsPower Dissipation (typ)PMU Current Force/MeasureExtended Current RangeRange/Swing (V)InterfaceFeaturesPackagePrice* (1000 pcs.)
AD552010.54 uA to 4 mA2 Ranges w/ Ext Driver-11 to 11 VParallel-64-Lead LQFP $18.17
AD552240.85 uA, 20 uA, 200 uA, 2 mA1 Range up to 80 mA22.5 VLVDS5 16-Bit DACs, Offset and Gain Correction80-Lead TQFP $39.00
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ATE Level Setting DACs

Results: 0
# of DACsResolutionOutput RanagesVout (V p-p)minPackageConfig/Programming InterfATE Features
Default Sort is # DACs (Descending), then Resolution, Bits (Descending)
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Timing Generator and Formatter IC

Results: 1
Edge Refire Rate (ns)Max Sampling RateChannelsNumber of Edges per ChResolution Peak to Peak DNL (ps)Peak to Peak INL (ps)Overall Timing Accuracy Jitter (ps RMS)Average Power/ Edge Min Drive Pulse Width (nsMux Mode Supported
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