The evaluation system for iMEMS® digital inertial sensors is a complete system that provides a fast and easy way to configure, evaluate, and analyze the performance characteristics and embedded features of ADI's high performance digital output inertial sensors.

MEMS Digital Inertial Sensor Evaluation System

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Evaluation System GUIs, Drivers and Firmware

iMEMS Digital Inertial Sensor Evaluation System Highlight (pdf)

Order the iMEMS Digital Inertial Sensor Evaluation System for the ADXL345

Order the iMEMS Digital Inertial Sensor Evaluation System for the ADXL346


  • Universal Inertial Sensor Motherboard
  • DUT specific Satellite board for evaluation
  • Standard USB cable for power and communications
  • PC based Graphical User Interface
  • User reprogrammable firmware capability

This evaluation system hardware consists of two interconnected PCBs that are powered and connected to a PC via a standard USB cable. The larger board is a universal main PCB that is common to all ADI inertial sensor evaluation systems. The smaller PCB accommodates the socket for the specific ADI accelerometer to be evaluated. When evaluating a different ADI inertial sensor, only the satellite PCB needs to be changed out.

The evaluation system includes software that sets up a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that allows users to configure bandwidth, interrupts, and power modes, as well as measure and display every significant performance parameter (acceleration in three axes, interrupt status, power consumption, performance over temperature, etc.). Data logging utilities allow users to capture data in comma separated value (.csv) format for offline analysis using spreadsheet utilities or other standard tools.

Evaluation System Software GUI Screen Views

ADXL345 Configuration GUI

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  ADXL345 Real Time GUI

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  ADXL345 Temperature Performance GUI

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