TMP01 Setpoint Calculator

The TMP01 is a temperature sensor that generates a voltage output proportional to absolute temperature, and control signals from one of two outputs when the device is either above or below a specified temperature. Enter high and low temperature trip points and the hysteresis requirements into the input parameters section. The tool will calculate the resulting voltages and corresponding resistor values needed for the circuit diagram shown to the right. The control signal are generated based on the current temperature, setpoint temperatures, and the hysteresis desired.

TMP01 Setpoint Calculator
Input Parameters
°C ( -55 to 125 )
°C ( -55 to 125 )
°C ( -55 to 125 )
°C ( > 0 )
TMP01 standard set-up drawing
Calculated Results
Reference Current (Iref) ___
Voltage Set High ___
Voltage Set Low ___
Resistor 1 (R1) ___
Resistor 2 (R2) ___
Resistor 3 (R3) ___
OVER Pin ___
UNDER Pin ___

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