Sensors Expo 2015
Thank you for visiting us at Sensors Expo 2016, where we demonstrated our latest sensor and signal processing technologies that enable highly precise, reliable, and power efficient solutions for industrial, instrumentation, healthcare, and automotive designs, as well as emerging Internet of Things applications.

Watch our demonstration videos to find out more about the products and solutions shown in Silicon Valley.

Watch Our Onsite Demonstration Videos:

AMR Position and Current Sensing


Watch Demo: AMR Position and Current Sensing in Motor Control Applications

ADI offers a variety of current and angle sensors to improve motor control designs. Discover how ADI’s robust sensors are engineered for PWM rejection and immunity to stray magnetic fields so they can stand up to real world interference. We’ll also showcase how improved accuracy and bandwidth help reduce torque ripple and enhance the dynamic performance of electro mechanical systems.

Low Noise MEMS Accelerometers for Condition Monitoring


Watch Demo: MEMS Accelerometers for Condition Monitoring

ADI demonstrates a new low noise MEMS accelerometer with 10 kHz bandwidth,  delivering the necessary performance for condition monitoring. See how this high-frequency, low noise MEMS accelerometer compares to a legacy mechanical sensor. The demo discusses intrinsic advantages of MEMS accelerometers, such as a DC response, shock tolerance, low power and single supply operation.

High Performance IMUs for Machine Automation and Control Applications


Watch Demo: Precision Inertial Sensing for Demanding Applications

Motion sensing in industrial environments requires high performance, ruggedness, and reliable measurements.  See how the latest ADI IMUs have been optimized for precision sensing under challenging and dynamic conditions.

Contactless Magnetoresistive-Based Angle Sensing


Watch Demo: Contactless Angle Position Sensing using AMR Technology

Discover how magnetoresistive-based angle sensors provide a cost-effective way to improve position sensing accuracy when compared to traditional hall sensors. This ADI demo shows how more precise sensors for both position- and current-sense feedback can improve motor performance and efficiency.

Energy Harvesting Powering IoT Node


Watch Demo: Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Powering Wireless Sensor Node

See how the ADP5091 energy harvesting PMU, powered by a PV cell, converts light energy from a wide range of energy sources to create an energy-autonomous sensor node for IoT systems. Learn about the ADP5091’s superior efficiency, design flexibility, and how its patented ultra-fast cold startup enables harvesting in low-light conditions.

Measuring Photoelectric Effects with ADI’s New Electrometer Amplifier


Watch Demo: Electrometer-Grade Amplifier Improves Measurement Accuracy

Learn how the ADA4530-1 electrometer amplifier can be used to convert light to electricity in a variety of applications. This demo uses the ADA4530-1 to measure the flow of electrons ejected by a photoemissive material in response to light. It also highlights the impressive ultralow input bias current feature for low-level current measurement.

Advance Occupancy Sensing and Control for Smart Buildings


Watch Demo: Sensor-to-Cloud Vision Based Sensing for Occupancy Detection

Occupancy Sensing:
Discover how Analog Devices’ Snap Sensor CMOS sensing technology and ADI Blackfin processors enable vision-based occupancy detection for indoor and outdoor applications. The occupancy data is made available simultaneously on a local PC and any internet-enabled device, such as a tablet or laptop.

Building Control:
See how the ADUX1020 optical detector and ADPD103 photometric front end can be used to deliver advanced gesture and proximity sensing in smart buildings.  This compact, small form-factor solution enables control and actuation of temperature, volume, and lighting. In addition, the precise, long-distance measurements of reflected light intensity of the ADPD103 can be used to detect persons entering a region from up to 5 meters.

Low Power RF Transceiver


Watch Demo: Ultra Low Power 6LoWPan Wireless Sensor Demo using the ADF7030-1

Be among the first to get an introduction to the ADF7030-1, ADI's new low power RF transceiver. Learn about the latest RF evaluation platform which uses the ADuCM3029 as the host microcontroller, and find out why the ADF7030-1 is the world’s most robust integrated RF transceiver.

Advanced Digital Ultralow Noise MEMS Accelerometers

Advanced Digital Ultralow Noise MEMS Accelerometers

Watch Demo: Advanced Digital Ultralow Noise MEMS Accelerometers

Presenting Analog Devices latest generation of high performance accelerometers. These new devices are well suited for Smart Infrastructure applications such as structural health monitoring, remote asset monitoring, and rail health. Combining ultra-low power and ultra-low noise, these accelerometers provide real-time insights into structure and equipment health.

Advanced Digital Ultralow Power MEMS Accelerometers for Smart Infrastructure


Watch Demo: Advanced Digital Ultralow Power MEMS Accelerometers

Analog Devices new generation of Ultralow Power (ULP) accelerometers allow the accelerometer to act autonomously, which in turn reduces the processing that is required by an external microcontroller or DSP.

Integrated Optical Detector for Advanced Gesture Recognition


Watch Demo: Integrated Optical Detector for Advanced Gesture Recognition

Advanced gesture sensing for actuation of temperature, volume, and lighting in a smart building. The demo showcases the ADUX1020: an integrated optical detector and front-end sensitive to the angle of incoming light.

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