Sensing the World of IoT

Sensors 2018Join us at Sensors Expo to see our latest products and technologies that are sensing, measuring, interpreting, connecting, and powering the Internet of Things. Visit our demonstration area to get a firsthand look at what’s new and talk with our experts who can help with your toughest IoT challenges.

Hear From Our Experts

Next Generation Intelligent Gas Sensors

Attendees will learn from about the limitations of traditional electrochemical gas sensors and the challenges associated with using these sensors in real world applications. The presentation will discuss how new intelligent electrochemical gas sensors offer a solution to many of these challenges and details of the enabling technology will be provided. Finally an overview of the benefits delivered by intelligent sensors in applications including toxic gas monitoring will be discussed.

Brian Coffey, Analog Devices Product Marketing Engineer
Thursday, June 28
2:30pm - 3:20pm
Executive Ballroom C

Preview Our Sensors Demonstrations

Embedded Vision Sensing Based People Counting

Learn how embedded analytics coupled with our low power blackfin DSP provide a low power, robust and accurate solution for counting people. We will be demonstrating a senor to cloud solution for people counting covering aspects such as coverage area, accuracy, privacy and security.

Next-Generation Sensors for Condition-based Monitoring

See a demonstration of our high performance, wide-bandwidth MEMS sensor technology, ultra low-power processing, and robust industrial wireless radio. We’ll show how the combination of these technologies in a mechanically deployable form factor accelerates evaluation and development efforts for a wide variety of vibration monitoring applications.

Smoke and Aerosol Detection

Learn how Analog Devices technology can be used for smoke/fire detection, drug delivery, and air-quality measurement. Among the benefits is the ability to distinguish different types of particles in the air, minimizing false positive events.

Infrared Light Angle Sensor in Robotics

Discover how infrared light angle sensors can be used in robotics and autonomous vehicle applications. We’ll show how IR light angle sensors are used to allow direct position control of robots, enabling cable-less tethering to an operator, robot or drone swarms, and safety zones.

Industrial 60GHz Radar for Absolute Positioning

We’ll be showcasing our next-generation INDUSTRIAL RADAR LPR®-1DHP-200 (57-64 GHz) for exact crane positioning, smart automation processes and reliable collision avoidance in heavy industries. See how the highly-robust primary and secondary RADAR sensor systems achieve distance measurements in the millimeter range and how to make industrial processes more efficient and safer.

Low-Power Infrastructure Monitoring

See how the low-power ADuCM3040 processes vibration data generated by two low-noise MEMS sensors (ADXL355) can be used for applications such as assessing bridge structures, landslide detection, and even machine health monitoring.

Sensor Health in Water Quality Analysis

Get a demonstration of a new Chemical Sensor Interface solution and see how it can be used for health monitoring of common water quality sensors. Learn how a smart sensor solution can reduce the need and expense of using dedicated personnel to perform maintenance on probes and sondes.

Adaptive Contactless Condition Monitoring Solution

See how a machine learning (ML) engine can be optimized to detect different machine sounds and vibration profiles. Learn how this end-to-end solution (sensor-to-cloud) can be used for a variety of applications, such predictive machine health maintenance (HVAC, jet engines, QA lines, valves) and event detection in smart city applications (firearms discharge, sirens, etc.).

High Precision Absolute Off-Shaft Angle Measurement Using AMR Technology

See how an AMR magnetic sensor provides precise motor shaft angle measurement and can replace high-cost resolvers and optical encoder sensors. Learn how this solution can lower system cost, size, and weight while improving measurement robustness.

Electrochemical Gas Sensing

Analog Devices launches a new Chemical Sensor Interface solution. It is designed specifically for gas sensing applications. It offers a host of features and benefits, including 50% smaller size than conventional products, and sensor health self-diagnostics.

EMI Extreme Challenge

This live/hands-on demonstration shows the extreme accuracy of the LTC2983 temperature-to-bits converter in an electrically noisy environment. Learn how it can be used in a variety of industrial and medical applications.

Precision IMU

Learn how precision MEMS inertial sensors can capture dynamic motion accurately as we demonstrate a six-degrees-of-freedom IMU in simulated aircraft motion for stabilization and navigation applications.

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