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RadioVerse Wideband RF Transceivers

ADI’s integrated wideband RF transceiver product series offers highly integrated, carrier-grade radio system-on-chip (SoC) solutions that support communications, aerospace and defense, and high speed instrumentation applications. In addition to reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) these devices are versatile and can be used as a common design platform across multiple designs and variants.

AD9371 Chip
Introducing the AD9371

The AD9371 RF transceiver is for applications that require high performance radios across a wideband frequency range while maintaining low power consumption levels. It is a highly integrated 12mm x 12mm SoC that replaces as many as 20 high performance discrete components. The AD9371 covers a 300-MHz to 6-GHz frequency range and supports receiver and transmit large signal instantaneous bandwidths up to 100 MHz, observation receiver and transmit synthesis bandwidths up to 250 MHz, fully integrated LO and clocking functions, and highly advanced on-chip calibration and correction algorithms.

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AD9371 Overview Video

In this informational video, learn about the features and functionality of the AD9371 integrated wideband RF transceiver.

AD9371 Demo VideoAD9371 Demo Video

This demo video covers the basic functionality of the AD9371 integrated wideband RF transceiver.

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How RadioVerse Leads the Transceiver Market

High Performance and Integration

  • Replaces as many as 20 high performance, discrete radio components with one SOC solution providing simple, reliable connections. 
  • Direct conversion, high linearity, and self calibration maintain best performance levels under varying environmental and operating conditions. 
  • Large-scale integration and zero IF allows for wide frequency range and eliminates interconnection losses while reducing broadband matching concerns.


  • Offers a common platform for a wide range of applications, reducing development time and inventory costs.
  • Operates from 300 MHz to 6 GHz.
  • Supports receiver bandwidths up to 100 MHz.
  • Supports operating transmit bandwidths up to 100 MHz and observation receiver and transmit synthesis bandwidths up to 250 MHz for digital correction algorithms.

Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

  • Reduced component count enables radios to be installed on buildings, light poles, office walls, and more.
  • A power consumption level at less than 5 W under normal operating conditions reduces the need for cooling, increases reliability, and reduces operating costs.
  • JESD204B data interface minimizes input/output lines, reduces routing density making PCB routing easier.

Ease of Use

  • ADI radio technology design expertise reduces development costs and time to market (TTM).
  • Complete API, software user guides, and a standard serial peripheral interface (SPI) simplify development.
  • On-chip tracking calibration maintains performance with little user control required.

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AD9371 Applications

  • 3G/4G Macro BTS
  • 3G/4G Multi-carrier Picocells
  • FDD and TDD Active Antenna Systems
  • Microwave NLOS Backhaul Systems
  • Massive MIMO systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Software-defined Radio
  • General Purpose Radio Systems
  • Ku/Ka Satcom
  • AD9371 IF Converter


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AD9361 Chip
AD9361 2x2, 56 MHz RF Transceiver

The AD9361 RF transceiver is designed for use in a wide range of low power wireless applications. This radio SoC covers a 70-MHz to 6-GHz frequency range and has a tunable channel bandwidth of <200 kHz to 56 MHz. It is a highly integrated single-chip solution that includes an RF front end, flexible mixed-signal baseband section, frequency synthesizers, two ADCs and 2 direct conversion receivers. It supports TDD and FDD operation.

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AD9361 Overview

In this informational video, learn about the features
and functionality of the AD9361 integrated wideband RF transceiver.

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AD9361 Applications

AD9361 ApplicationsAD9361

  • Wireless video
  • Cell phone testers
  • Handheld radios/vehicle radios
  • Airborne communications: military air, military UAV
  • IOT aggregators

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PicoZed SDR SpeedWay Design Video Workshop Series

The SpeedWay Design Video Workshop features technical experts from Avnet, Analog Devices and MathWorks to provide training to design wireless communications with the Avnet PicoZed™ SDR Software-Defined Radio Development Kit. The kit includes the recently introduced PicoZed™ SDR Z7035/AD9361, a rugged, low-power, small footprint system-on-module (SOM) which combines the Analog Devices AD9361 integrated RF Agile Transceiver™ with the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 Z-7035All Programmable SoC, and is supported by robust simulation and code generation tools that integrate seamlessly with Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite.

Day 1 AM Lab:
AD9361 System-Level Model Lab

This lab uses a simulation model of the Analog Devices RadioVerse™ AD9361 Wideband Low Power RF transceiver on PicoZed SDR to explore user options for tuning device parameters to meet system requirements for RF performance. During this lab you will gain an understanding of the receiver portion of the AD9361.

Integrated Wideband RF Transceiver Product Series

Part #   Bandwidth Functionality  Rx Image Rejection*   Rx NF/IIP3**  Tx OIP3* Interface  Power Consumption 
AD9361  56MHz Rx&Tx 2Rx, 2Tx 50B 3dB/-14dBm +19dBm JESD207 CMOS/LVDS <1.5W
AD9364 56 MHz Rx&Tx 1 Rx, 1Tx 50dB 3dB/-14dBm +19dBm JESD207 CMOS/LVDS <1.5W
AD9371 100MHx Rx, 250MHz Tx 2Tx, 2Rx, 2ORx, 3SnRx 75dB 1.6dB/+2dBm +27dBm 6Gbps JESD204B <5W

* typical performance @ 2.6GHz
** AD9371 cascaded analysis with external LNA NF = 1.1dB, Gain = 19.5dB, IIP3 = 33dB (HMC8175A broadband LNA). Typical Performance @ 2.6GHz
** AD9361 assumes internal LNA, typical performance @ 2.6GHz