Cloud Connected Factory Instrumentation

Analog Devices IoT solutions are helping to shape the future of Industrial Instrumentation and Automation. Analog Devices Wireless Sensor Node (WSN) solutions enable the deployment of cloud connected low power wireless data acquisition systems in factory environments. Deployment of such networks for active machine monitoring is transforming factories by significantly improving machine uptime. Customers can wirelessly instrument new and existing machinery with our accurate, low power MEMS vibration sensors and other measurement systems. Wireless measurements can then be processed locally for real-time optimization and in the cloud where information from multiples sites can be aggregated, analyzed and acted upon to improve productivity.

Instrumenting existing machines using Analog Devices WSN technology allows customers to increase the life of older plants by making them more predictable and efficient. One example of this is the Analog Devices Wafer Fab in Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick Factory

A Wafer Fab is a complicated production environment. In a cleanroom environment there is a combination of precision equipment, heavy cleanroom plant and more than 300 individual tools.

Like any older plant new failure modes become evident due to equipment age. There are different systems controlling individual tools and equipment and a lack of connectivity throughout the factory.

The Manufacturing organization in Limerick is taking advantage of our WSN enabled remote sensing technology to measure the performance of existing equipment. Data from these measurements aggregated with existing machine data is reducing the incidence of scrap events thereby improving manufacturing efficiency. It also makes it easier to maintain and improve equipment performance.

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