First Responder Condition and Location Sensing

MEMs inertial sensors are at the heart of any precision and/or life-critical tracking solution. In GPS-denied environments, and those where ad-hoc infrastructure deployment is not a viable option, inertial measurement units (IMUs) offer a means to accurately position from a known reference point. ADI IMU’s such as the ADIS16488A and ADIS16448 ten-degree of freedom solutions, have been deployed in such scenarios where their industry leading combination of excellent stability under complex motion, small size, and cost-effectiveness have for the first time made meter level accuracy positioning both possible and economically feasible.

IoT - First Responders

The First Responder use case is highly demanding, not only on the inertial sensors, but as a complete end-to-end system solution, which puts stressing requirements on sensing, processing, communication, and sensor-fusion algorithms. ADI is helping fire safety equipment manufacturers improve their time-to-market of such systems by comprehending the complete system requirement, and combining multiple relevant technologies to ensure this long necessary capability is finally made available to the first responder community.

ADI’s advances in software defined radio and frequency agile transceiver solutions are helping enable two additional pillars of the solution, beyond inertials. First, in combination with application specific signal processing, the AD9361 programmable, wideband, RF transceiver can provide the critical absolute referencing location, from which the inertial sensors subsequently guide. ADI’s sub-GHz radio communications portfolio then aids in establishing robust communications links between a centralized command processor, and the first responders deep within structures.

Blackfin DSP-based sensor processing, based around complex Kalman Filtering and proprietary motion discernment algorithms, brings the multiple signals of opportunity together, and delivers the ability to track, communicate, and guide emergency personnel in time-critical search and rescue operations.

Finally, by providing channels to cloud based computing and storage, our customers are able to continually enhance safety and effectiveness over time, via embedded maps, and adaptive learning.

  • ADIS16448:  Compact, Precision Ten Degree of Freedom Inertial Sensor

  • ADIS16488A:  Tactical Grade Ten Degrees of Freedom Inertial Sensor

  • ADSP-BF512:  Low Power Blackfin with Consumer Devices Connectivity

  • ADF7023:  High Performance, Low Power, ISM Band FSK/GFSK/OOK/MSK/GMSK Transceiver IC

  • AD9361:  2 x 2 RF Agile Transceiver