The Internet of Things will rely on the Intelligence of Things

The future of IoT will require a more holistic, system-level approach to extracting insights from data. We’re improving data quality and integrity. We’re obtaining better outcomes. We’re taking intelligence to the edge. And we’re bringing it all to Internet of Things World. We invite you to check out our demonstrations, talk with our experts, and find out how we can help you solve your most difficult IoT challenges.

Internet of Things World 2016

Hear From Our Experts

Analog Devices Connect Workshop – Simplifying the development and deployment of Sensor-to-Cloud Solutions.

Colm Prendergast, Principal Engineer and Director of IoT Cloud Technology

Wednesday May 17th 9:30-11am, Room 212

This workshop will demonstrate some of the newer tools available from Analog Devices can enable customers to build their own IoT applications. Our focus has been on combining our industry leading measurement and sensing solutions with an easy to use cloud development platform to enable customers to rapidly develop and deploy their own IoT applications with minimal coding experience. The workshop will demonstrate a range of different edge platforms that we have available today.

[Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops so that they can spend some time developing their own IoT cloud application, no experience is needed].

How will IoT Solutions Increase Plant Productivity

Ross Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Dust Networks products

Wednesday May 17th 2:40-3:20 pm

  • Automating the manufacturing process and improving visibility within the warehouse
  • Predictive methods, monitoring, reducing both downtime and support costs
  • Predictive Maintenance (ABB Group AIG case study)

Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial IoT Applications

Wednesday May 17th 4:10-4:30

Industrial IoT applications require sensors to be placed in tough locations and the last few meters of communication will largely determine the success of your wireless Industrial IoT solution. In this talk, we discuss how requirements for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are different for Industrial IoT, and highlight key WSN features that will largely affect the rate of end-user adoption.


Preview Our Demos

High Dynamic Range Image Sensing & Contextual Awareness


Advanced Image Capture for Smart City Applications

We’ll demonstrate local image capture using our high dynamic range logarithmic sensor and motion sensing algorithmic software. Discover how this technology can be used in parking guidance, parking violation enforcement, pedestrian detection, and smart street lighting applications.



Building a smart city from the node to the cloud.

See how Analog Devices technology is combined with LEGO blocks to demonstrate several sensor-to-cloud IoT applications. It’s an informative and fun look at advancements in Smart Ag, Building Control, Structural Health Monitoring, and Smart Cities.

Analog Devices Connect: IoT Development Platform


Less time developing a solution. More time connecting the world.

Discover a full suite of development resources for building and deploying IoT solutions faster, more cost effectively, and without extensive domain expertise. We will show how ADConnect provides a full IoT sensor-to-cloud solution and how easy it can be to develop applications in the cloud to capture data from our hardware.

Wearable Health Monitoring and Beyond


Advanced Biometrics on a Wearable Device

We’ll be demonstrating a watch capable of simultaneously monitoring multiple health parameters including ECG, PPG, Motion and EDA measurement.

Remote Toxic Gas & IoT Asset Health Tracking


Helping Protect People and Property

See how Analog Devices technology can be used to remotely detect toxic gas, keeping the user safely away from the harmful area. We’ll also demonstrate how the same technology can detect, measure and communicate critical information, such as high-g impact and temperature for high-value items during shipping. We’ll show how that data can be monitored locally via BLE to a tablet, and from there to the IoT Cloud for enterprise-wide sharing.

Full Sensor-to-Cloud Platform to Material Sensing


Informing a Healthier, Smarter Life

We’re demonstrating a full sensor-to-cloud analysis platform to measure the materials of the world around us. See how a handheld accessory and spectrometer-enabled smartphone measure characteristics in food, ingredients in drugs, detect counterfeits, and track biomarkers over time.

Thermal Monitoring System


Reduce Downtime and Improve Efficiency

We’ll be showing Sentinel, a thermal monitoring system that informs plant managers, operation managers, maintenance professionals, and electric installations inspectors of anomalies in real time. All while avoiding risks, such as arc flash, and latency of scheduled infrared inspections.

SmartMesh® Wireless Mesh


High Reliability and Low-Power Industrial Sensing

See how SmartMesh wireless sensor networking enables sensors to be placed for optimal measurement without impairing communications. SmartMesh is field-proven with over 60,000 customer networks around the world in harsh, demanding RF applications such as data center energy efficiency, rail-car condition monitoring, smart-parking, smart agriculture, and airport fueling.

Matrix Watch


High Accuracy and Power Management

This smartwatch, which is powered by body heat, is the first to never need recharging. To make it a reality, a low-power consumption design wasn’t simply desired—it was essential. We'll show how the the LTC3108 from Linear Technology and the ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices provide the needed blend of high accuracy and low power consumption.

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