Thank you for taking the time to visit us at IoT World 2016 in Santa Clara. We hope our onstage thought leaders and onsite demos introduced you to how ADI’s most advanced sensing and interpreting technologies are enabling new IoT applications to solve real-world problems.

Hear Our Experts and Leaders Speak

Watch Demo: Interview with Martin Cotter, VP of IoT, Consumer, and Healthcare

Hear from Martin Cotter about how Analog Devices is creating value and enabling transformative change in IoT.

Watch Demo: Innovative Transformation Enabled By Internet Of Things

Analog Devices' Vice President Martin Cotter shares tangible examples of how sensing and measurement technologies are critically important to the data and insights generated at the sensor node.


View Our IoT World 2016 Demo Videos

Athlete Management

IoT Athlete Performance

Watch Demo: IoT Athlete Performance by Analog Devices, Microsoft and Hexoskin

Come see how Analog Devices, Microsoft Azure, and wearable technology maker Hexoskin are leveraging the IoT to give sports teams a competitive edge. Coaches and team medical staff are able to optimize team performance, improve tactical decision-making, and avoid player injury by monitoring real-time biometric and conditions data captured from athletes and their surroundings.

Parking Control

Smart City: Vision Based Parking Guidance Solution

Watch Demo: Smart City: Vision Based Parking Guidance Solution

Analog Devices and UK-based Cambridge Consultants have teamed up to deliver a revolutionary occupancy detection platform for vehicle parking applications. See how advanced visual sensing technology and specialized algorithms can enable parking space availability alerts, meter violation management, license plate recognition, and more.

Material Analysis

Material Sensing Solution for Everyone, Anywhere

Watch Demo: Analog Devices' Material Sensing Solution for Everyone, Anywhere

Analog Devices is making our lives safer and healthier by enabling real-time analysis of everyday items like food, medicine, and more. We’ll show you the ADI SCiO sensor-to-cloud IoT platform leveraging a compact hand-held spectrometer, advanced algorithms, and an extensive materials database


The Internet of Tomatoes

Watch Demo: The Internet of Tomatoes

How do you grow a great tomato? Start with great technology. See how an inquisitive team of Analog Devices engineers partnered with PTC and a group of independent tomato farmers to solve everyday farming challenges with a unique IoT solution. By monitoring and tracking growing conditions throughout the farm, growers are able to make better decisions throughout the growing season to improve quality, yield, and efficiency.

Building Automation

Smart Building: Advanced Occupancy Detection

Watch Demo: Smart Building: Advanced Occupancy Detection

Analog Devices is improving building security, safety, and efficiency with advanced occupancy detection and identification technology. We’ll show you how cutting-edge software and algorithms allow our visual sensing technology to process real-time imaging data and make advanced control and security decisions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Smart Health: Vital Sign Monitoring

Watch Demo: Smart Health: Vital Sign Monitoring

See how remote monitoring of patient vital signs and other biometric data can save lives, improve patient care, and reduce hospital stays and healthcare costs. We’ll explain why data integrity and sensing precision are critical in these applications, and show you a cloud dashboard streaming real-time data from around the world.

Machine Health Monitoring

Wireless Charging for Zero Pin Sensor

Watch Demo: Wireless Charging for Zero Pin Sensor

Analog Devices' complete solution for machine health monitoring applications using RF wireless charging to provide an energy to zero pin sensor which can be mounted in the locations not accessible by wires.

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