Thank you for joining us at IMS 2016. Overall, IMS was an exciting opportunity to meet with our industry peers and ensure we’re deploying the right solutions to enable the future of the industrial, communication and aerospace and defense markets.

Learn more about ADI activities at IMS 2016 through a timeline of social media coverage on Storify.

In case you missed it, listen to our experts and watch the videos which highlight what we showcased throughout the week.

IMS 2016

Hear Our Experts Speak – MicroApps Presentations


Robert Brennan: RFMG Applications & Marketing

View Presentation: PLL Frequency Planning for Spurious Signal Elimination
Voted Best MicroApp – Day 3


Kieran Barrett: RF Applications

View Presentation: Calibration-Free Return Loss Measurement

Learn About RadioVerse™ and Our New AD9371 Transceiver

At IMS we introduced RadioVerse™, a technology and design ecosystem that can provide you, the designer, with integrated transceiver technologies, a robust design environment, and market-specific technical expertise to move your radio designs from concept to creation quickly.  To learn more view our demo below and visit


Watch Demo: RadioVerse AD9371: Wideband Highly Integrated RF Transceiver

Analog Devices system-on-chip radio solution enables applications that operate over a wide range of modulation schemes and network specifications including wireless infrastructure, aerospace and defense electronics and instrumentation equipment.


Watch Demo: RadioVerse AD9361: Low Power Highly Integrated RF Transceiver

The AD9361 is a highly versatile low power transceiver from the RadioVerse family of transceivers. The versatility and low power, coupled with the RadioVerse design environment greatly reduces radio complexity, SWAP and development time.


Watch Our Onsite Demonstration Videos:

First Commercially Available 10Gbps End-to-End E-Band Radio Solution


Watch Demo: 10Gbps End-to-End E-Band Radio Solution

This E-band system, comprised of an Analog Devices front end and a high throughput baseband, offers the first low cost complete E-band solution in SMT to enable capacity enhancement for surging data demands in the microwave backhaul market.

Complete 3GHz High Performance Signal Analyzer Solution


Complete 3GHz Signal Analyzer Solution from Analog Devices Watch Demo: Complete 3GHz High Performance Signal Analyzer Solution

Analog Devices offers a complete signal chain solution for a 3GHz Signal Analyzer that provides a noise floor level of as low as -155dBm/Hz. Test and measurement instrumentation companies no longer have to search and evaluate individual discrete parts from different suppliers to build their designs. Using Analog Devices’ broad portfolio of high performance parts they can easily develop designs for 3GHz or higher frequencies up to 100GHz.

Direct RF Synthesis Solutions for L & S Band Radar


Watch Demo: L and S Band Direct RF

RF DAC, combining high performance with digital signal processing and advanced JESD204B interfaces, utilized with efficient power amplifiers provide highly integrated solutions for L & S band Phased Array Radar systems.  With the ability to generate broad band modulated signals and single tone RF from DC to 5.5GHz. ADI’s RF DAC and power amplifiers enables direct access to key radar spectrum bands. With this advanced solution ADI continues to set the standard for advancements in SWaP.

Full Phase Synchronization RX and DPD

RX/DPD Front-end with Phase Synchronization

Watch Demo: RX/DPD Front-end with Phase Synchronization - Part One
Watch Demo: RX/DPD Front-end with Phase Synchronization - Part Two

Complete system phase synchronization in ADI’s next generation wideband receiver and digital pre-distortion solution including LNA, downconverter, LO, 14-bit Quad 500 Ms/s ADC. The implementation of four channels of a Massive MIMO system and the clocking solution for a full system provides full phase synchronization across the system, best-in-class phase noise, and breakthrough ADC technology.

GaN Based 2 to 18 GHz 100Watt Solid State High Power Amplifier


Watch Demo: Gallium Nitride Amplifiers

Analog Devices advanced GaN-based, 2 to 18 GHz, 100-watt, solid-state high-powered amplifier (SSHPA) achieves higher-output power densities in a smaller footprint with wider bandwidths and improved DC-to-RF efficiencies. Using advanced power combining, this GaN solution is found in mission critical applications such as instrumentation, radar and electronic counter measure systems.

New Silicon Switches Eliminate External Components

44 Watt High Power and 30 GHz Wideband Silicon Switches

Watch Demo: 44 Watt High Power and 30 GHz Wideband Silicon Switches

ADI’s High Power Silicon 3.5 GHz SPDT Switch meets the power requirements in cellular front-end designs eliminating the need for external components and reduces bias power dissipation when used as an alternative to PIN diode. The High Isolation Silicon SPDT Switch, in a 3x3mm SMT package, offers flat performance even beyond 30 GHz.  It exhibits fast switching characteristics and robust ESD protection making it ideal for test equipment designs.

Out of the Box 24GHz Industrial Radar Solutions

24GHz Multi-channel Radar and Sensor Solution

Watch Demo: 24GHz Multi-channel Radar and Sensor Solution

Analog Devices multi-channel (2 Transmit, 4 Receive) radar offers an out-of-the-box radar solution for commercial, consumer and automotive applications. The fully integrated solution enables companies to easily develop sensor applications such as smart traffic lights, automotive radars, tank level sensors, motion detecting surveillance and security cameras, door openers and much more.

0.5GHz to 18GHz State-of-the-Art GaN MMICs


Watch Demo: 2 to 18 GHz 100Watt Solid State High Power Amplifier

State-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) MMICs feature a 0.5GHz to 18GHz range, giving you the flexibility to use them in many applications, such as defense or commercial cellular projects. ADI’s product line includes monolithic ICs, modular drop-ins, connectorized module amplifiers, and integrated multi-kilowatt modules.

X & Ku Band Small Form Factor Radio Design

X & Ku Band Small Form Factor Radio Desig

Watch Demo: X & Ku Band Small Form Factor Radio Design

Utilizing a high frequency IF architecture design, Analog Devices highly integrated RF transceivers and microwave devices provide the option for superior performance and small form factor enhancements for X and Ku frequency band radio receivers and transmitters.  Another example of how ADI is leading the SWaP initiative.

Low Power Portable RF Power Detector Circuit


Watch Demo: Low Power Portable RF Power Detector Circuit

This low power portable RF power meter circuit provides a complete ADI signal chain solution for measuring RF power. The design showcases the performance of the ADL5904 TruRMS envelope power detector, and is powered entirely from USB supply.

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