Primary Source for RF Solutions in High Speed & RF Electronic Test & Measurement

Analog Devices covers the full frequency Spectrum from 0Hz to beyond 110GHz

ADI's industry-leading, high performance RF function blocks and highly integrated, multifunctional, single-chip RF solutions enable a wide variety of applications in communications and electronic test and measurement (ETM). Analog Devices' complementary new technology developments optimize signal chain and system performance and help design engineers develop platform ET&M systems that have:

  • Best in class performance
  • High integration capabilities allows for less noise and cleaner performance
  • High Accuracy on all frequency bands from 0Hz to 110GHz
  • Widest Bandwidth, reducing solution size and cost

Analog Devices offers the widest range of integrated solutions capabilities including SiPs, SOC, Modules, and Hybrids.

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ADI in High-Speed and RF ETM

This video looks at the new & expanded opportunities in high speed & RF Electronic Test & Measurement from the Hittite Microwave Corporation acquisition. These new solutions cover the entire frequency spectrum from 0Hz to beyond 100GHz.

Signal Chains


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Powering ADI Components

Powering ADI Components for Industrial and Instrumentation Applications

This tool helps find the correct power management solution for bipolar components, RF loads, high-speed ADCs, and high-speed DACs. Freely available is the ADIsimPower selector that helps make the best choice.

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Solving Telecommunication Multiband Operation

Solving Telecommunication Multiband Needs with Wideband Amplifiers

Kagan Kaya of ADI’s RF Microware Group shows you how to reduce RF system size and cost while gaining the best performance with ADI’s wideband amplifiers.

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RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2017

With over 1,000 RF ICs covering the entire RF signal chain, ADI delivers RF function blocks and highly integrated solutions for the communication, test & measurement instrumentation, and aerospace & defense markets.

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Featured High Speed Data Acquisition Board