CES is where the latest innovations come to make the biggest impressions. We’re on our way with our smartest, latest, and most advanced technologies and solutions. This year you will be able to learn about the critical problems ADI is solving, how to partner or work with us, our history of innovation, and our key strategic initiatives for the future through our interactive displays in our public lobby area. Available by invitation only, our private demonstration area will showcase ideas and technologies that will enable more immersive user-experiences, human machine interface, autonomous driving, healthcare monitoring, and IoT applications.

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Consumer Demonstrations

Sublime Voice Far-Field Solutions


A New Approach to Voice Control for the Home

See how voice control can be enhanced with vision, eliminating the often unnatural interaction of using trigger words.

Speaker Linearization using Class D Amplifiers


Speaker Protection and More

This adaptive speaker enhancement solution incorporates a mid-power Class D amplifier with I/V sensing (SSM3525) and an audio processor to take full advantage of high performance current and voltage monitoring. Applications include comprehensive speaker protection as well as additional speaker optimization to enhance the listening experience or reduce system cost.

7.1.4 Channel Dolby® Atmos Soundbar


Creating a More Immersive Listening Experience

See an implementation of 7.1.4 channel Dolby® Atmos on the ADSP-21584 and how it can provide a very immersive sound experience. It is configurable from 2.1 to 7.1.4 channels, bringing in height virtualization even if up-firing speakers are not present.

MPEG-H Immersive Audio Soundbar with Fraunhofer upHear® Virtualizer


Broadcasting in Multiple Languages

See how MPEG-H enables multiple languages to be embedded in broadcast content and how users can select from the available languages. The demonstration features a 16-channel decoder and Fraunhofer Institute's upHear® Virtualizer both ported on an ADSP-21584.

Dolby® Audio for Wireless Speakers


Enhancing Audio Quality and Sound Image

See how an ADSP-21489 processor is used to improve horizontal and vertical sound stage expansion while maintaining natural sounding audio.

Time-of-Flight System Applications


High Performance Depth Mapping for AR and VR

Experience a more intuitive way to interface with various VR and AR applications that creates a more immersive user experience. Learn how this can enable machines to autonomously navigate their surroundings. Using a head-mount display with a Time-of-Flight module, users will be able to see and manipulate objects in a virtual environment.

Human Interface Technologies: Off-Screen User Experience and Material Sensing


Taking the User Experience to Higher Levels

Discover how our HI lineup delivers solutions for natural and intuitive user interface aimed at improving the interaction, enjoyment, productivity, and value of wearables, mobile phones, portables, and human-to-machine interfaces.

MEMS OIS Solution for Mobile Cameras


Higher Mobile Imaging Performance

See how this Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) solution offers faster stabilization, greater accuracy, and lower power consumption than a traditional VCM-based approach.

Healthcare Demonstrations

Multi-Parameter Health Monitoring Platforms and IoT Ecosystem


Advancing Innovative Healthcare Solutions

See technology that supports 24/7 body-worn sensing devices capable of monitoring multiple vital signs for health and disease management, patient recovery monitoring, and enhanced quality of life. It includes a demonstration of HealthConnect cloud services, algorithm development and solution validation, and trend and feature extraction.

Automotive Demonstrations

76-81GHz Autonomous Driving CMOS RADAR


Advancing RADAR Capabilities for Autonomous Driving

See a system-level demonstration of our innovative, highly integrated 28nm CMOS RADAR solution that exponentially increases angular resolution to support highly automated driving applications

Low Electromagnetic Emission Benefits of Silent Switchers


Ensuring Compliance, Reducing Risk, and Speeding Time to Market

The demonstration shows how emission minimizes interference among different systems and is critical to ensuring compliance with automotive regulations, such as the CISPR25. We’ll also show how adapting silent switchers in early design stages can reduce risk and expedite time to market.

Intelligent In-Cabin Sensing


Increasing Comfort and Safety for Driver and Passengers

See how this sensing solution can detect the location and motion of a driver’s hands on or near a steering wheel. It can be used to detect texting-while-driving as well as driver readiness after an assisted driving operation. We’ll also show how our Time-of-Flight technology can be used in gesture control, occupant detection and driver monitoring.

Power µModule® Solutions


System-on-Package Solutions Tested to Perform in Many Applications

See how our industry leading micromodules can solve the toughest power challenges in a variety of markets and applications, including Automotive, Industrial, and Communications.

The SHARC® and A2B® Audio Platform


A Modular Hardware and Software Platform for Audio Development

The demo will show how the hardware and software aspects of this platform enable customers to create surround sound audio algorithms in Sigma Studio, implement those algorithms in a SHARC processor, and use A2B to send multiple channels of audio to different boards and speakers in different physical locations.

Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) for Emerging Applications


The Next-Generation of A2B Performance

A2B has revolutionized next generation infotainment architectures by delivering a simple, low-latency solution for complex connectivity problems. It is increasingly being adopted by car OEMs for use in a wide array of applications including Active Noise Cancellation, HF/ In-Car Communications, Emergency Call, and Telematics. Next generation devices, which are demonstrated here, build on this foundation adding new features & capabilities specifically optimized for high growth, in-cabin applications.

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Over A2B Network


Increased Security for Network Connectivity

Digital content protection is often required to prevent unauthorized use or copying of audio/video data as it is transmitted over the vehicle network. This demonstration highlights an efficient approach for transporting HDCP2.2 encrypted audio content over the A2B network.

Automotive Audio Platforms


EV Warning Sound Reference Design

To safeguard pedestrians, many countries have mandated that all Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid EVs emit a sound when travelling at low speeds. ADI have developed a reference design with schematics and firmware to address this application. With the automotive industry’s broadest portfolio of Audio Processors, ADI can provide multiple solutions from entry level conformance to more sophisticated engine sound solutions for internal and external applications.

Car Camera Bus (C2B)


Dedicated Automotive Camera Link Technology

See how ADI’s C2B automotive link technology provides low latency HD quality video over the lowest cost infrastructure. C2B enables customers to use already proven low cost UTP cabling for HD video transfer opening up new opportunities for camera applications throughout the car.

IoT Demonstrations

Wheel of Blinking LEDs – Wireless Time Synchronization


A Reliable and Low Power Networking Solution for IoT Applications

The demo shows how precise time synchronization across a multi-hop network can be used to automatically schedule data traffic with low duty cycling. This can enable sensors to be placed in demanding IoT locations, such as vibrating pumps/motors, multi-story commercial buildings, industrial processing plants, and power plants.

SmartMesh® WBMS - Wireless Battery Management System


An Innovative Approach to Automotive Battery Management

See how our highly accurate battery stack monitors work with SmartMesh® wireless mesh networking products to replace the traditional wired connections between battery packs and the battery management system.

Secure IoT Stack


A Secure End point Sensor-to-Cloud Solution

See how this approach provides end-users with confidence their device can be trusted, while simplifying the deployment process and reducing cost and vulnerabilities of private key maintenance after deployment.

Lowest Power Edge Nodes: Structural Health Monitoring


A Sensing Solution for Demanding IoT Applications

See how this system design maintains a well-defined, aggressively low power profile until a vibration is detected. The solution incorporates sensors, edge-node processing, and cloud connectivity, making it highly suitable for battery-powered, long-life applications in industrial IoT.

The ADI Technology Pavilion is a private meeting space and an advance appointment is required. Please contact your Analog Devices representative or click here by January 5th to schedule a meeting.