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Power Management and Isolation Expertise

The name Analog Devices has become synonymous with innovative and industry leading power and digital isolation technologies and design support. ADI's family of digital power products have lead the way with design flexibility, ease-of-use and the highest efficiency possible while isoPower represents the biggest advancement in isolation the industry has seen in decades. Take this opportunity to explore solutions to your design challenges with our in-booth technical staff.

What ADI Showcased at APEC 2014

In-Booth Demonstrations:

  • ADP105x family of advanced digital controllers for isolated power conversion
  • Low power icoupler digital isolators for industrial applications
  • ADP104xW digital controller series for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • LLC resonant conversion using digital control

Other Technical Resources

ADIsimPower is the fastest and most accurate Power Management design tool!

Analog Devices designs power management products to complement signal chains where signal integrity requires an efficient power design.

2014 Technical Design Seminars

Technological Advancements of Digital Power Controllers
Presenter: Laurence McGarry (Technical Marketing Manager)

This presentation will demonstrate how digital power can bring added flexibility to the designer and accurate telemetry and functionality to the end user - optimizing the efficiency and power density of the system solution via an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI).

4A Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Driver with 4.5V to 18V Output Drive Voltage
Presenter: Jason Ma (Design Engineer), Tianting Zhao (Design Engineer), Baoxing Chen (ADI Fellow)

The gate driver outputs can switch capacitive loads up to 2nF in 12ns with 4A peak currents, at frequencies up to 1MHz, with no constraints on duty-cycle variation. The optimized encoding/decoding scheme enables sub 40ns propagation delay and less than 1ns delay matching, which are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC power supplies with up to 5kV isolation using two independent isolation channels minimizing the potential for cross conduction and makes it ideal for providing reliable control over a wide range of bus voltages.

Damping Impact on Dynamic Analysis of LLC Resonant Converter
Presenter: Kevin Huang (Applications Manager Digital Power Products), Subodh Madiwale (Applications Engineer Digital Power Products)

In this paper, the small-signal model of LLC resonant converter is derived from extended describing function (EDF) methodology and the dynamic of the LLC converter are studied based on the small signal model taking into account the circuit parasitic resistance.

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