General FAQs

What was announced?


On March 10, 2017, Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) announced the completion of its acquisition of Linear Technology Corporation. The combined company, which is valued at approximately $30 billion, will continue to be called Analog Devices, Inc.

Why did Analog Devices acquire Linear Technology?


In this competitive market, our customers are looking for partners in their innovation, engineering, and supply chain support; not just suppliers. The addition of Linear Technology’s highly complementary portfolio of technologies and products to Analog Devices’ will create the industry’s most comprehensive suite of high-performance analog offerings. More importantly, this transaction will combine two of the industry’s leading engineering, manufacturing, sales, and support teams, creating an unparalleled innovation powerhouse capable of helping customers address their most complex analog and market challenges.

How does the acquisition of Linear Technology affect Analog Devices’ market position?


With the addition of Linear Technology’s highly complementary product portfolio, Analog Devices now has the industry’s most comprehensive suite of high-performance analog technology, with market-leading positions in converters, signal conditioning, RF and microwave, power, DSP, and sensors.

How will customers benefit from the completion of the acquisition?


With our combined world-class engineering, manufacturing, sales, and support teams, as well as our industry-leading technology portfolio, Analog Devices possesses unparalleled capabilities to address customers’ most complex analog and mixed signal challenges. We are focused on building strategic partnerships with customers and delivering the highest levels of innovation, service, and support to enable dramatic new advances across markets as diverse as aerospace & defense, automotive, communications, consumer, healthcare, and industrial automation and process control.

How many employees does Analog Devices now have?


Analog Devices now has approximately 15,000 employees located in 29 countries around the world.

How many products and customers does Analog Devices now have?


Analog Devices technology portfolio will contain approximately 43,000 distinct products. The company now has more than 100,000 customers.

What is the combined revenue of Analog Devices and Linear Technology?


The combined revenue of Analog Devices and Linear Technology for FY2016 was approximately $5 billion.

Customer and Distributor FAQs

What is changing now?


From the perspective of entering orders and fulfilling demand, nothing is changing right now. You will continue to use all of the same contacts you use today (this includes customer service, inside sales, and sales engineer), and you should continue to place your orders in the same manner you use today. We are working to make sure that when we do integrate our order management systems, there will be minimal interruption, and we will give you ample notice regarding any changes. For planning purposes, an integrated order management system is anticipated to take approximately one year from the close.

For direct purchases of LTC parts, should my purchase order reference Linear Technology or Analog Devices?


For now, your purchase order should continue to reference Linear Technology. When the order management systems are combined, we will ask you to change the reference to Analog Devices, and we will provide ample notice for this change.

What about technical support?


The combined company will continue to provide comprehensive technical support to our customers. Our experienced Field Sales Teams, including both Sales and Field Applications Engineers, will be working together to support our customers and initially we will be maintaining our two websites as we work to integrate them. Support provided through our website forums and telephone support lines will also remain the same.

What about logistics programs I have in place with either ADI or LTC?


All logistics programs you have in place with Analog Devices or Linear Technology will remain including EDI or Rosetta-net transactions. However, there will be no cross-over of logistics programs; the programs you have with LTC will remain only with LTC, and the programs you have with ADI will remain only with ADI.

Is there any difference to distribution options?


Until the order fulfillment systems of Analog Devices and Linear Technology are combined, each entity will continue to use their established authorized distributors.

What happens to existing backlog?


All of your existing backlog will stay in the respective Linear Technology and Analog Devices order management systems.

Are there any differences in how I do business with Linear Express?


No, all contact information is the same and all of your existing backlog will stay exactly the same.

Are there any changes to registrations or quoting?


No, all existing registrations are still in effect with the same conditions, and you should apply for any new registrations using the same processes you use today. You should also continue to use all of the same quoting processes you use today.

What sales terms and conditions will apply after the close?


After the close, Linear Technology will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Analog Devices. Initially, we will continue to sell and fulfill Linear Technology products through the Linear Technology order process, and sales of LTC products will continue to be subject to the Linear Technology terms and conditions of sale. The same will be true for Analog Devices products. As part of the integration process, the companies will integrate their order and fulfilment systems and we intend to quickly harmonize our terms so that all sales will be subject to the same terms and conditions.

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