Isolated Sigma Delta ADCs

As the world's leading supplier of data converters, Analog Devices are constantly introducing new ADCs that drive system architectures and deliver breakthrough combinations of performance and functionality. In the area of motor control, ADI’s converters solve the challenges associated with current and voltage monitoring, optical encoder feedback, and resolver-to-digital conversion. Specifically the introduction of the Isolated A/D Converter with its 3.75kV stand-off voltage is one example of the performance breathroughs and integration to ease the burden of design.

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Isolated A/D Converters

Part# Resolution (Bits)Sample Rate# ChanOutput Data FormatPower DissUS-Price-1000-to-4999
AD7401AReference Circuit Available1620MSPS1Ser105mW $3.15
AD7400AReference Circuit Available1610MSPS1Ser95mW $3.05
AD74011620MSPS1Ser100mW $3.25
AD74001610MSPS1Ser90mW $3.15
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