Isolated Transceiver Portfolio from Analog Devices

Learn about a wide range of highly-integrated, superior-performing, isolated transceivers, use parametric search, and watch training videos.

These integrated isolated transceivers utilizing ADI’s award winning iCoupler digital isolation technology offer a variety of solutions, some including integrated isolated power, to enable designers to isolate communications in design without the cost, size, power, and reliability constraints found with traditional isolation products.

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Recently Released Products:
ezLINX™: iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment
ADM3252E: Isolated, Dual Channel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
ADM3054: Industry's First 5 kV rms Signal-only Isolated CAN Transceiver Rated to 125°C
ADM2682E: 16 Mbps RS-485 with 5kV rms signal and power isolation
ADM3053: Signal and power-isolated CAN transceiver with integrated isolated DC-DC converter

The ADI iCoupler Isolated Transceiver Advantage

  • Smallest size or lowest power isolated transceiver solutions
Reduced Size and Cost Through Integration
  • Isolated data channels through transceivers
  • With or without integrated isolated power
Power Consumption
  • Operates at levels up to 90% lower than discrete optocoupler based solutions
Ease of Use
  • Reduced system design time and complexity through functional integration
  • Greater than 50 years lifetime 100% production tested
  • Greater than 500 million channels of isolation shipped
  • Fully certified:

Fully Certified

Selection Tables, Samples
& Evaluation Boards

ezLINX™ (1)
iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment

CAN Transceivers (3)
Integrated Signal and Power Isolation

RS-485 Transceivers (13)
Integrated Signal and Signal / Power

USB Transceivers (2)
Integrated Signal Isolation

RS-232 Transceivers (2)
Integrated Signal and Power Isolation

I2C Transceivers (4)
Integrated Signal Isolation

LVDS Drivers / Receivers (9)
Isolated with 150 Mbps Digital Isolator

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Isolated Transceivers

Solving Isolation Challenges

Webcast:  Solving Isolation Challenges

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