isoPower® - Isolated DC-to-DC Power in the Smallest Package

A breakthrough in isolating power has been developed with the extension of Analog Devices proprietary iCoupler® technology. isoPower introduces integrated, isolated power in a single package.

Controlling Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices
Please reference the following application material for important information regarding PCB layout and construction.

iCoupler Technology with isoPower - Integrated, Isolated Power

Integrating power supply isolation with data signal isolation, until recently, has been a challenge because of the difficulty of transmitting power from the non-isolated system side to the isolated field side. In the past transferring power across an isolation barrier required a lot of area, with an expensive module or a complex discrete solution.

Analog Devices has addressed this issue by introducing isoPower - an extension of the iCoupler technology. isoPower is a complete and fully integrated isolation solution for power transfer across an isolation barrier using micro-transformers. The iCoupler technology enables both signal and power to be integrated into a single tiny surface mount package with isolation up to 5kV.

Figure 1 shows how our newly released ADuM5401 reduces board space by up to 70% and a cost reduction up to 50%.

iCoupler/Optocoupler Solutions

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