iCoupler Digital Isolators Qualified for Automotive Applications

Analog Devices offers a full line of digital isolation products based on ADI's proprietary iCoupler technology employing chip-scale micro-transformers - including recently released automotive grade digital isolators.

Micro-Transformers Provide Signal and Power Isolation for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Hybrid Electric Vehicles have gained increased popularity in recent years as consumers look for alternative fuel vehicles to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Electric motors are more energy efficient than conventional combustion engines running on gasoline, and they can dramatically reduce emissions. While batteries are at the heart of HEVs, they are also the source of many barriers to adopting HEVs because of reliability, safety, weight and cost. To overcome these barriers, battery monitoring systems are employed to maintain longevity and safe operation of the batteries. Due to their high operating voltage, sophisticated isolation techniques are required...Read more


Featured Product: ADuM540xW - Automotive Qualified Quad-Digital Isolators with isoPower®

Expanding our automotive portfolio, the ADuM5401, ADuM5402 and ADuM5403 established isoPower devices have undergone additional testing to achieve AEC-Q100 automotive qualification. The ADuM540xW incorporate isoPower, an integrated , isolated dc-to-dc converter technology, which provides up to 500mW of regulated, isolated power at 5V output. In a HEV application, this integration allows for power to be transferred across an isolation barrier ensuring monitoring of the battery without drawing from the battery's power. In addition to offering integrated, isolated power, the ADuM540x automotive qualified devices reduce board space by up to 70%, reduce power consumption by up to 50% and can cut costs up to 50% when compared to other solutions, such as optocouplers.

For more information on the ADuM540x automotive qualified devices, please see:


Automotive Grade Digital Isolators

The ADuM120x, ADuM130x and ADuM140x families of iCoupler devices have recently achieved AEC-Q100 automotive qualification. These established families of iCoupler digital isolators are now qualified for under-the-hood operation up to 125°C. Available in 8- and 16-lead SOIC packaging with data rates up to 25 Mbps, 3.0 to 5.5V level translation and low power consumption, the ADuM120x, ADuM130x, and ADuM140x products can be used in hybrid vehicle applications such as battery monitoring, gate drive for hybrid electric motor, dc-to-ac inverters, and electronic power steering. These automotive qualified products can also be employed in all vehicle types when being used as an interface for sensor clusters.

For more information on the ADuM120x, ADuM130x, and ADuM140x families, please see:



Automotive Enhancements

In order to earn AEC-Q100 qualification for automotive applications our established iCoupler families have been tested in a manner which guarantee operations up to 125°C. Multiple performance grades are available as the below chart demonstrates.

  Maximum Data Rate
  Low Grade
Medium Grade
High Grade
ADUM120xW 1 10 25
ADUM130xW 1 10 --
ADUM140xW 1 10 --

The ADuM120x, ADuM130x and ADuM140x have 3.0 to 5.5V voltage level translation. They also meet UL, CSA, and VDE approvals with specifications at:
  • Max. Working Voltage - 400V rms
  • Isolation Rating (1 minute) - 2.5 kV rms
Continuing to build on our iCoupler portfolio, the release of the automotive grade ADuM120x, ADuM130x and ADuM140x families shows the advantages that iCoupler technology provides over optocoupler solutions. The figure below compares the ADuM140xWTRWZ iCoupler product versus a typical optocoupler solution.

iCoupler vs. Optocoupler

iCoupler® Digital Isolation

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