ADC driver amplifiers perform many important functions, including buffering, amplitude scaling, single-ended-to-differential and differential-to-single-ended conversion, common-mode offset adjustment, and filtering. ADC drivers have become essential signal conditioning elements in data conversion stages and are key factors in enabling the ADC function to achieve its rated performance.

ADI offers a complete portfolio of driver amplifiers covering a wide-range of SAR, pipeline, and sigma-delta A/D converter applications.
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NEW! - SAR ADC & Driver Quick-match Guide

Find drivers for ADI's most popular single-ended and differential SAR ADCs based on your specific application conditions.

SAR ADC & Driver Quick-Match Guide

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Further shorten your design time with bench-verified
SAR ADC & Driver combinations.

ADC Driver Amplifier Design Reference Material

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Video: ADA4930 - Single Supply Low Noise ADC Driver


Featured Reference Circuit

CFTLs A Complete Single-Supply, 16-Bit, 100 kSPS PulSAR ADC System Dissipates 8 mW (CN0255)
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This circuit uses the AD7988-1, a low power (350 µA) PulSAR® analog-to- digital converter (ADC), driven directly from the ADA4841-1 high performance, low voltage, low power op amp.

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