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ADA4817-2:  Low Noise, 1 GHz FastFET Op Amps

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The ADA4817-1 (single) and ADA4817-2 (dual) FastFET™ amplifiers are unity-gain stable, ultrahigh speed voltage feedback amplifiers with FET inputs. These amplifiers are developed in the Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary eXtra Fast Complementary Bipolar (XFCB) process, which allows the amplifiers to achieve ultralow noise (4 nV/√Hz; 2.5 fA/√Hz) as well as very high input impedances.

With 1.5 pF of input capacitance, low noise (4 nV/√Hz), low offset voltage (2 mV maximum), and 1050 MHz −3 dB bandwidth, the ADA4817-1/ADA4871-2 are ideal for data acquisition front ends as well as wideband transimpedance applications, such as photodiode preamps.

With a wide supply voltage range from 5 V to 10 V, the ability to operate on either single or dual supplies, the ADA4817-1/ ADA4817-2 are designed to work in a variety of applications including active filtering and ADC driving.

The ADA4817-1 is available in a 3 mm × 3 mm 8-lead LFCSP and the ADA4817-2 is available in a 4 mm × 4 mm 16-lead LFSCP. Both packages feature a low distortion pinout, which improves second harmonic distortion and simplifies the layout of the circuit board. In addition, both packages feature an exposed paddle that provides a low thermal resistance path to the printed circuit board (PCB). This enables more efficient heat transfer and increases reliability. Both products are rated to work over the extended industrial temperature range (−40°C to +105°C).


  • Photodiode amplifiers
  • Data acquisition front ends
  • Instrumentation
  • Filters
  • ADC drivers
  • CCD output buffers
  • Data Sheet, Rev. 0, 11/2008


    • High speed
      −3 dB bandwidth (G=1, RL=100Ω): 1050 MHz
      Slew rate: 870 V/μs
      0.1% settling time: 9 ns
    • Low input bias current: 2 pA
    • Low input capacitance
      Common-mode capacitance: 1.3 pF
      Differential-mode capacitance: 0.1 pF
    • Low noise
      4 nV/√Hz @ 100 kHz
      2.5 fA/√Hz @ 100 kHz
    • Low distortion
      −90 dBc @ 10 MHz (G=1, RL=1 kΩ)
    • Offset voltage: 2 mV maximum
    • High output current: 40 mA
    • Supply current per amplifier: 19 mA
    • Power-down supply current per amp: 1.5 mA

    Pin Configuration Diagram for ADA4817-2

    ADA4817-2 Diagram
    Pin Configuration Diagram for ADA4817-2

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    Title Content Type File Type
    ADA4817-1/ADA4817-2: Low Noise, 1 GHz FastFET Op Amps Data Sheet (Rev B, 05/2013) (pdf, 566 kB) Data Sheets PDF
    AN-0993: Active Filter Evaluation Board for Analog Devices, Inc., - Low Distortion Pinout Op Amps  (pdf, 107 kB) Application Notes PDF
    AN-581: Biasing and Decoupling Op Amps in Single Supply Applications  (pdf, 166 kB) Application Notes PDF
    AN-402: Replacing Output Clamping Op Amps with Input Clamping Amps  (pdf, 55 kB)
    So far most clamping amplifiers have relied upon an output clamping architecture and are called output clamp amps (OCAs). A new architecture called an input clamp amp (ICA) offers superior clamping accuracy and lower distortion.
    Application Notes PDF
    AN-417: Fast Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers Ease Design Constraints in Low Voltage High Speed Systems  (pdf, 228 kB)
    Movement towards lower power supply voltages is driven by the demand that systems consume less and less power coupled with the desire to reduce the number of power supply voltages in the system. The following applications are discussed: Single-Ended and Differential Input ADC Input Circuits, Video Line Driver, Active Filter, HDSL Transceiver, and Transformer Drive Circuits.
    Application Notes PDF
    MT-060: Choosing Between Voltage Feedback and Current Feedback Op Amps  (pdf, 62 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-059: Compensating for the Effects of Input Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps Used in Current-to-Voltage Converters  (pdf, 69 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-058: Effects of Feedback Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps  (pdf, 66 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-056: High Speed Voltage Feedback Op Amps  (pdf, 109 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-053: Op Amp Distortion: HD, THD, THD + N, IMD, SFDR, MTPR  (pdf, 104 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-052: Op Amp Noise Figure: Don't Be Misled  (pdf, 60 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-050: Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Second-Order System  (pdf, 38 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-049: Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Single-Pole System  (pdf, 40 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-048: Op Amp Noise Relationships: 1/f Noise, RMS Noise, and Equivalent Noise Bandwidth  (pdf, 81 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-047: Op Amp Noise  (pdf, 72 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-033: Voltage Feedback Op Amp Gain and Bandwidth  (pdf, 251 kB) Tutorials PDF
    MT-032: Ideal Voltage Feedback (VFB) Op Amp  (pdf, 65 kB) Tutorials PDF
    A Stress-Free Method for Choosing High-Speed Op Amps
    A decision-tree approach to making the critical decision about high-speed op amp selection, including a look at some helpful tools.
    Webcasts WEBCAST
    UG-082: Evaluation Board User Guide for Dual High Speed Operational Amplifiers
    (16-Lead, 4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP with Dedicated Feedback Pin)
     (pdf, 253 kB)
    User Guides PDF
    RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
    Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

    Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

    Title Content Type File Type
    dBm/dBu/dBv Calculator
    This calculator converts between standard units of power measurement and signal strength.
    Utilities and Conversions HTML
    Power Dissipation vs Die Temp
    This tool estimates die temperature and power dissipation based on the supply voltages, ambient temperature, load characteristics, and package thermal data.
    Utilities and Conversions HTML
    This tool will help with the selection, evaluation and troubleshooting of voltage feedback Op-Amps. It uses typical data to model the behavior of a selected amplifier. It allows a user to select an amplifier, configure a circuit, apply a signal and evaluate the performance. It is useful for checking an amplifier's spec's such as Bandwidth, Slew Rate, Input/Output Range, Gain Error, Load Current, Stability Issues and DC Errors in a given circuit.
    ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools HTML
    OpAmp Stability
    An applet for demonstrating stability effects in opamp buffers.
    Design Calculators HTML
    ADA4817 SPICE Macro Model SPICE Models HTML

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