4X Fibre Channel Chipset and Reference Design

Analog Devices continues its leadership in the high speed optical networking market with its latest optical transceiver chipset. The new 4X fibre channel chipset consists of a TIA, limiting amplifier and 2 laser diode drivers that support 850 nm VSR links and 1310 nm/1550 nm transport links. The accompanying reference design simplifies evaluation of the chipset and provides gerber files, SW, host board, bill of materials and software to implement a SFF-8472 compatible multirate fibre channel module. Optical receive performance at 850 nm exceeds -21 dbm of optical sensitivity, while providing optical eye margins in excess of 40% on the transmit side.

The 4x Fibre Channel Chipset (SFP-RDK) consists of:

  • the ADN2870 / ADN2871 loop laser driver
  • the ADN2880 / ADN2882 transimpedance amplifiers
  • the ADN2891 / ADN2892 limiting amplifiers
  • the ADuC7020 MicroConverter®
    (Use of the micro-controller allows flexible module designs support user definable functions.)

For OC-3 to OC48, single and multirate modules, also see: ADN2870, ADN2871, ADN2891, ADN2880.

Read more:

Application Note: SFP Reference Design Kit (pdf, 1,657,024 bytes)

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