Log/Limiting Amplifiers

ADI’s high gain limiting amp ICs are optimized for SFP/SFF/GBIC datacom and telecom optical transceiver modules and provide the receiver functions of quantization and Loss of Signal Detection as well as SFF-8472 compliant average power measurement. Applications include 1x2x4x Fibre Channel, 10GBASE-LX4, multi-rate SONET/SDH OC3 to OC48 FEC and GbE. ADI’s high gain limiting amps feature: low power; excellent sensitivity and jitter performance.

Circuit from the lab Engineered. Tested. Ready to Integrate.


Fiber Optic Log/Limiting Amplifiers

Part# DNR (dB)SDOUT Response Time (µs)V Span MinV Span MaxSupply Current
ADL5310Reference Circuit Available120dB1µs3V10V9.5mA
ADL5306Reference Circuit Available60dB1µs3V10V5.4mA
AD8305Reference Circuit Available100dB1µs3V10V5.4mA
AD8304Reference Circuit Available160dB500ns3V10V4.5mA
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Fiber Optic Limiting Amplifiers

Part# Voltage Supply (V)Max Data RateInput Sensitivity (mVp-p)Output Levels (mVpp diff)Jitter (rms)Power DissipationLOSBW SelectRSSISquelch
ADN28913.3V3.2Gbps4mV p-p700mV p-p4s rms145mW3.5mV to 35mV-XX
ADN28923.3V4.25Gbps3mV p-p700mV p-p5ps rms160mW3mV to 45mVXX-
ADN28903.3V3.2Gbps3mV p-p700mV p-p2.4s rms130mW3mV to 12mV-XX
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Current Mirrors

Part# Supply CurrentDNR (dB)Nonlinearity (%)Input/Output Mirror RatioVoltage Range (V)
ADL5315Reference Circuit Available1.8mA120dB0.5%1:12.7-8
ADL5317Reference Circuit Available2.3mA120dB1%5:16-75
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