Laser Drivers

ADI’s laser diode driver ICs support data rates from 50Mbps to 10.7Gbps used by Fabry-Perot, DFB and Vcsel lasers. Module MSAs, such as SFP with SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostics, SFF, 4X Fiber Channel, XFP, Xenpak, X2 and MSA-300, are also supported. Featuring automatic dual-loop control of extinction ratio and average power, temperature calibration is not required to compensate for laser aging and degradation. This lowers TOSA and module costs.


Laser Diode Drivers

Part# Voltage Supply (V)Single Ended/DifferentialModulation Current (mA)Max Data RatePulse Width DistortionOutput Rise/Fall TimeModulation Output CurrentOutput ImpedanceLaser Bias Current (mA)Photo Diode CurrentMSA ComplianceDual LoopUS Price 1000-4999
ADN25313.3VDifferential80mA11.3Gbps-26ps80mA-100mA--- $12.09
ADN28723.3VDifferential90mA3.3Gbps30ps60ps90mA-100mA-SFF, SFPYes $4.78
ADN25263.3VDifferential80mA11.3Gbps2ps24ps80mA-100mA-SFF, SFP- $21.14
ADN25303.3VDifferential23mA11.3Gbps-26ps23mA-25pA--- $15.49
ADN88315.5VSingle Ended-----6Ohms---- $6.22
ADN28713.3VBoth90mA--------- $4.3
ADN25253.3VDifferential80mA10.7Gbps2ns24ps80mA-100mA-XFP, Xenpak, X2, MSA-30- $21.14
ADN28703.3VBoth90mA3.3Gbps30ps60ps90mA-100mA-SFP-SFF-8472Yes $5.31
ADN88105.5VSingle Ended-125Gbps-------- $6.4
ADN28473.3VBoth80mA3.3Gbps20ps80ps80mA-100mA80mASFFYes $8.05
ADN28483.3VBoth80mA1.25Gbps20ps80ps80mA-100mA80pASFFYes $5.85
ADN28305VSingle Ended---------- $8.6
ADN28415VBoth80mA2.7Gbps18ps80ps80mA-100mA1.2ASFFYes $17.15
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