Design Resources


View the list of recommended websites, resources on IoT from ADI before submitting your project idea.

All teams are encouraged to join EngineerZone™ This is an forum for engineers globally and great resource for all teams to ask questions, review answers over and beyond the contact with Analog Devices mentors and experts

Enabling IoT
Ultra-low power ARM Microcontroller Platform for IoT
Arduino Compatible Platform
BlackFin Low Power Imaging Platform (Image/Video Analytics at the edge of the network)
Connected Healthcare platforms
Wireless Sensor Networks
Energy Harvesting/Power Management
ADI-Consumer Physics IoT platform for Food/Drug/Materials analysis

IoT Cloud Platforms
Analog Devices will provide a Cloud platform for the project. Alternatively, teams may choose any cloud platform from Amazon, Microsoft, Thingworx, IBM or others for the project

Evaluation Platforms of several Analog Devices Products
Hardware Reference Designs and Circuits from the Labs
Gas Detection Reference Design
Analog Devices Wiki

Besides the above platforms, teams are encouraged to look at the list of components from Analog Devices on