Analog Discovery® Design Kit

Hands-on learning with Analog Discovery

Turn any PC into a powerful electrical engineering workstation! The Analog Discovery lets you build and test analog and digital circuits in virtually any environment, in or out of the lab.

Discovery KitThe Analog Discovery® design kit is built around Analog Devices’ world class converters (AD9648 14-bit, 105 MSPS ADC and AD9717 14-bit, 125 MSPS DAC), clock generators, operational amplifiers, and power management integrated circuits. Working with design engineers from Analog Devices, Digilent® was able to accommodate the power, performance, and pricing levels without compromising performance or functionality to enable students to use Analog Discovery as part of their introduction to analog circuits and electronics labs.

To extend the capabilities of the basic Analog Discovery design kit, Analog Devices and Digilent offers the Analog Parts Kit, which includes more than 200 components (resistors, inductors, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, potentiometers, transistors, etc.) and more than 20 ICs from Analog Devices. This kit supports all the designs included in the educational materials and offers enough component diversity to support thousands of additional designs with its included breadboard. The ADI parts are a mix of traditional op amps, linear regulators, and matched transistors and also include a variety of sensors and transducers to allow students to investigate real-world phenomena, such as tilt and inclination, temperature, magnetic fields, and audio.

In addition to hardware The Analog Discovery is supported by two easy-to-use software programs Waveforms™ and MATLAB™ from Mathworks®. Both of these programs allow the student engineer to quickly and easily configure the Analog Discovery into several pieces of lab equipment (scope, function generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, etc.) generating  real-time FFT, real-time X-Y plots, complex math functions, and dozens of measurements available on all scope channels. The Analog Discovery also enables you to import and export data sets and pictures, supports multiple output formats for reports and can store instrument configurations making it perfect for setting up labs.  View technical information.