Dave Kress ,
Director of Technical Marketing

Fundamentals of Data Converters

This webcast will discuss Digital to Analog (DAC), and Analog to Digital converters (ADC); including basic architectures, understanding errors, resolution and sampling theory, and how to choose the right DAC and/or ADC for your application.
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  • Presenter
  • Dave Kress

    Director of Technical Marketing

David W. Kress is a graduate of MIT, with BSEE degrees in both Chemical and Electrical Engineering, and an MSEE in Electrical Engineering, specializing in biomedical engineering and integrated circuit design. He has worked at Analog Devices since 1972. Mr. Kress started as an IC chip designer, primary high speed op amps, moved into thin film process engineering, and then moved into a variety of marketing roles. These roles have included product marketing, strategic planning, and marketing communications. More recently, he has served as Director of Applications Engineering, and as Director of Technical Marketing, with a primary effort directed toward managing the support needed to bring new products to market.