Product Details

The Blackfin 2D Graphics Library (BF2DGL-OCV) is a collection of Graphics primitives to help solve the Graphics rendering problem of ADI-Blackfin users. These primitives have been optimized to run on the Analog Devices’ Blackfin BF-5xx processor family.

The primitives are based on OpenCV APIs. A demonstration code is also provided to demonstrate the usage of the various graphics rendering primitives on Blackfin.

The module contains a standard C-callable API. The code has been implemented using Instruction Cache, Data Cache and Memory DMA to optimize the graphics rendering performance.


  • Line: Horizontal, Vertical and of any slope.
  • Polyline/Polygon: Supported.
  • Rectangle: Draw & Fill Rectangle.
  • Circle/Ellipse Draw and Fill
  • Circular Arc/Elliptical Arc.
  • Chroma Key/Tex Rendering.
  • Alpha Blending of overlays.
  • Per pixel Alpha blending supported.
  • Dirty Sync Operation: Supported.
  • Color format for Drawing: ARGB, UYVY.
  • In Color format UYVY only lines, rectangle draw/fill and text are supported.
  • Real time Application to demonstrate usage of ePIXC for blending & color conversion using Graphics primitives on ADSP-BF609.
  • Cache: I Cache & D Cache in Release and Debug mode.
  • MDMA: One channel Memory DMA is used.
  • Real time demonstration supports both ITU-R BT.656 (for TV) and RGB888/BGR888/RGB565 (for LCD) output formats.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit only).
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate SP2 (32-bit only). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64-bit).
  • Minimum of 2 GHz single core processor, 3.3 GHz dual core is recommended.
  • Minimum of 1 GB memory (RAM), 4 GB is recommended.
  • Minimum of 2 GB hard disk (HDD) space is required.
  • CrossCore® Embedded Studio for Analog Devices Processors.

Performance Metrics

Graphics Primitive
Horizontal Line Draw 29 46 26
Vertical Line Draw 60 89 53
Slant Line Draw 90 129 99
Poly line 142
(t = 1)
(t > 1)
(t = 1)
(t > 1)
(t = 1)
(t > 1)
Polygon 126 115 146
  • t = thickness of the primitive.
  • Measurements above for projects on CrossCore Embedded Studio. For more details on cycle counts on ADSP-BF561 on VisualDSP++ 5.0, refer the Product Specs.
  • One channel Memory DMA is used.
  • Measurements done with Anti-aliasing enabled.
  • Performance data are dependent on the dimensions of the primitives.
  • BF561 supported for VisualDSP++5.0 Update 10 project and ADSP-BF527/ADSP-BF533/ADSP-BF609 for CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.0.2 projects.

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Availability and Licensing

Each module supports the Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) Blackfin or SHARC Processor family and is a licensed product that is available in object code format. Recipients must sign or accept a license agreement with ADI prior to being shipped or downloading the modules identified in the license agreement.

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